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10 Tips on How to Build a Community on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful platform, but it’s hard to know where to start.

Most people don’t have any idea how they can Build a Community on Twitter.

They spend hours on the platform and only get one follower. That’s frustrating!

This guide will show you exactly how to build your community on Twitter step by step.

No more wasting time, no more frustration – just results!

1: Get the Right Tools for the Job

Before you do anything else, set up your Twitter account properly.

The first thing you need is a professional profile picture.

Make sure the background on your image is plain and simple, without any logos or other distractions.

Keep it all about you!

Next, add an interesting bio that tells people who you are straightaway.

You should also add your website link to give people more information about your business.

You should also set up a background that reflects your brand.

This can be easily done by going to Canva and choosing a relevant theme for free.

When you are happy with the result, add all of this information to Twitter so people know exactly who they are speaking to before they start following you.

2: Pick the Right Content

Pick the Right Content

Many people find it difficult to know what to tweet about.

You should keep your content relevant to your brand, but most importantly you should be posting useful information.

When someone is scrolling through their feed, they are going to stop and read if what you are tweeting seems useful for them at that moment.

People will always be more interested in a tweet that contains the information they can use, rather than a generic question to the audience like “what do you think?”.

At first, people may seem disinterested and not reply, but if you keep providing helpful content then they will soon realize your worth.

3: Connect with the Right People

Connect with the Right People

There is more to Twitter than just tweeting and receiving messages.

Connecting with the right people can be a great way of expanding your network.

If you are new to Twitter then finding the right people may seem difficult. There are some easy ways of doing this though, like looking up hashtags relevant to your business and interacting with people who are sharing your content.

Look for people who have a large following so that they can retweet or mention you in their tweets – this will help you gain recognition from your target audience.

You should also follow the top influencers within your industry to expand your network and increase awareness of your brand.

Many businesses will also have Twitter lists that you can follow. This means they are sharing their content with people who have a similar interest, so start checking out what they are posting too.

4: Ask Questions

Ask Questions

People love to be asked for opinions – whether it’s through Twitter polls or questions directed at the audience.

It’s important to find the balance between asking too many questions though.

People will stop following you if they feel like their feed is full of pointless content and they are not getting any value from your updates.

When people do reply to a question it’s a good way of starting a conversation and keeping them engaged with your brand.

You should also interact regularly with the people who are following you.

You could check out what content they like by looking at their profile – this will give you an idea of what direction to take your business and help build a better relationship with your target audience.

5: Promotions & Engagement

Using Twitter as a way of promoting content is a great way to gain a larger following.

You can also use your account to engage with other popular accounts to alert them to special promotions you may have or new products you are launching.

When using Twitter for promotion, be sure not to overdo it and keep the content relevant so that people don’t get turned off by your marketing tactics.

Real people want to see real content, not just sales pitches!

Twitter is a great social media platform for businesses and can provide an edge on your competitors if used correctly.

By understanding how to build a community on Twitter you can utilize this tool as an advantage – meaning more brand recognition, and ultimately more business.

6: Make Use of Hashtags & @mentions

Create a Hashtag for Your Target Audience

Hashtags have been around on Twitter since 2007, but recently more and more people are using them as an essential part of their strategy.

Some hashtags dominate conversations on Twitter, but you don’t need to go that big to benefit from them – using them at the right time can be a great way of gaining recognition.

It’s important to make sure your hashtags are relevant though, don’t just add them for the sake of it!

Hashtags and @mentions are also very useful tools in terms of outreach.

You could look up some key influencers within your industry and @mention them with useful content, or use hashtags to join in relevant conversations.

If you do this it’ll be a great way of getting noticed by your target market and build relationships with other businesses too.

7: Create & Share Visual Content

If you want more engagement on Twitter then visual content is the way to go.

People love to share and comment on pictures, infographics, or videos so it’s a good way of building up conversations with your target market.

Images are usually the main focus when people come across tweets in their feed, so it’s important not to neglect them.

Sharing engaging visuals can be a great way to boost your engagement levels and create a community on Twitter.

8: Keep Your Profile Up To Date

Making sure your profile is up to date and engaging will help you to stand out from the crowd so don’t neglect it!

Not only should you be regularly posting content, but make sure your bio is filled with useful information about your industry or business.

Think about how you would search for a business on Twitter and make sure your account is able to answer those questions.

Having a bio that’s filled with information will not only help people understand what you are offering, but it could also become a way of growing your business by marketing yourself as an expert in your industry.

9: Tweet at Relevant Times

Tweet at Relevant Times

To build a community on Twitter it’s important that you tweet regularly.

You can also use the times of day when your target audience is most active to get more engagement – so find out what time they go online and make sure you’re posting around those times too.

There’s no point tweeting if there’s no one there to see it, so uploading engaging content at the right times will have more of an effect on your engagement levels.

10: Promote Other Accounts

When working with other companies or influencers, try and find a balance between promoting yourself and promoting others.

This is going to show people that you are open to collaborations and it could be a great way of networking with others with who you can potentially work in the future.

You don’t want to spam your followers by just retweeting everyone, make sure you’re getting involved in conversations and using Twitter as a platform for real interaction.

Twitter is an essential social media tool for businesses looking to build up their brand and find their target market, so understanding how to build a community on Twitter is key.


Having a community on Twitter is going to help you promote your business or brand and gain recognition with other users.

By making use of hashtags, visual content, and the right times to post, it’s possible to create a community that will benefit your business in the long term.

Using these tips should help you build up a following and engage with your target audience.

Twitter is an excellent platform for promoting brands and it’s something that businesses need to make more use of.