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Should You Buy Instagram Followers in 2021?

Can you picture our modern lives without the presence of social media?

Sites such as Instagram haven’t just impacted our lives personally and professionally, they have changed the way we interact with each other and how we view the world around us.

With that said, social media is more than just a tool for personal connection, it is a powerful marketing device that can dramatically extend one’s sphere of influence.

Instagram can be used to leverage professional and personal relationships as a business, but this often rests on one important factor: Instagram followers.

Simply having an Instagram page for your brand or business isn’t enough. You need to have an adequate amount of followers, even if you have to buy Instagram followers.

At the end of the day, followers matter almost as much as the content you’re putting on your page. Let’s explore why.

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When You Buy Instagram Followers Your Brand Appear Trustworthy

Have you ever clicked on one of those enticing Instagram ads only to find the brand itself has very few followers?

Odds are, you clicked away pretty quickly, determining that the brand wasn’t good or lacked legitimacy. That’s how most people feel.

Research suggests that having a large number of Instagram followers makes a brand appear more trustworthy and legitimate.

If you’re looking to build your brand or business on Instagram, then you need to boast an authentic and reliable appearance to those who visit.

In order for this to happen, you’re going to need lots more followers.

For example, if someone on the platform only boasts a few dozen followers, you might doubt the authenticity of the account. You may even conclude that the page is run by a bot.

On the other hand, when you visit an account with thousands of followers, you’re probably more likely to see that brand and account in a serious light.

This is just one reason why it is so paramount to have as many Instagram followers as possible, even if you have to buy Instagram followers to initially gain exposure.

When marketing yourself or your brand, building trust is essential.

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More Followers Equals Affiliate Sales

As a brand, making money and marketing are two key aspects of growth overall. Without enough followers on Instagram, you won’t be able to engage well in the area of affiliate sales on the platform.

Affiliate sales are when another company asks someone on Instagram to market or sell a particular service or product.

You can engage with other users to market your product or if you’re an individual, you can partner with a company to market and sell their product.

When the account sells the product, it receives a cut of the revenue. This is one of the major reasons why having more Instagram followers is the key to marketing.

The more followers you have, the more potential customers the account is going to have. This opens a lot of doors to affiliate marketing, sales programs, and even swipe up revenue in Instagram stories.

Acquiring Feedback

In order to build a true follower base, you may need to start by buying Instagram followers and building a foundation to keep growing upon.

Once people start organically coming to your page, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire true feedback on your site.

Having lots of followers means a great opportunity to interact with others and garner feedback on your brand and its posts.

From a marketing perspective, it’s like having a virtual focus group right at your fingertips.

In real-time, you’re discovering what works, what doesn’t, and how you can build your business.

If you’re selling products, you can learn what people want or what makes someone more likely to buy one product over another.

Essentially, Instagram followers allow you to cut out the middleman and go right to the consumer.

Is Buying Instagram followers Illegal?

Buying Instagram followers is certainly not illegal. You will not be breaking the law when you purchase followers. However, Instagram states that it’s against their terms of service to buy followers.

There have been cases where people had their accounts disabled for buying followers, but it rarely happens.

I’m a member of a private marketing forum and I continuously see social media agents buying Instagram followers for their celebrity clients, and not once, has it led to an account getting disabled by Instagram.

You may also choose to buy real followers if you still have some concerns.

Where To Buy Instagram Followers Safely

Most people are concerned about the safety of purchasing followers on the internet because in most cases you’ll likely need to use a credit card.

It’s recommended that you only buy from websites that have been around longer and have a reputation for delivering followers on time.

What’s The Best Website To Buy Instagram Followers From In 2021?

There are plenty of websites that promise the best quality of followers but as soon as you buy Instagram followers from them, you quickly realize that the accounts don’t even look real.

Most of the Instagram accounts will also have their bio written in languages other than English.

This is made worse a day or two later when you begin to notice your followers dropping so quickly, and in no time you’ll soon have the same number of followers you had before you bought Instagram followers from them.

I’ve bought Instagram followers from different providers over the years and over time I’ve weeded out many of them to the point I’m only buying from one website.

Although their prices may not be for everyone, Famoid for me seems to be the only provider of the quality of Instagram followers I’m able to resell to my clients.

We aren’t affiliated with them and are only sharing because we been asked several times by our readers to recommend a good seller.

I’ve used them since July of 2019 and will continue to as long as the quality of their followers remains high.

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How To Buy Instagram Followers (Real Followers)

Buying Instagram followers from Famoid is pretty straightforward. They sell ONLY REAL FOLLOWERS who they acquire through ads. There are 8 packages of between 250 – 25000 followers to choose from.

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Head over to Famoid and select the pack you want to buy by clicking ‘Order Now!‘ just below it. I picked the 10,000 followers package.

buy 10000 Instagram followers

Now fill in the username, email, and phone number. Once you click on ‘Continue >‘ and the order form will open. Quickly fill out the basic info and choose how you want to pay.

Once the payment and confirmation are complete, you’ll begin to notice new followers streaming in, to your Instagram.

Instead of waiting for months on end to reach 10,000 followers on Instagram, wouldn’t it make more sense to just buy real followers?

The Bottom Line About Buying Followers for Instagram

These are just a few key reasons why buying Instagram followers matters, but the list knows no bounds.

Anyone who wants to extend their influence or grow a brand will need to find ways to recruit and add more Instagram followers to their page.

As our world becomes increasingly more dependent on the digital side of life, social media is only going to play a larger role in how we interact with one another.