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The Best Phones for Making TikTok Videos in 2023: Selection Criteria

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TikTok is the latest social media app that everyone is talking about.

If you’re a fan of this interactive video-sharing platform, then you want to make sure your phone can deliver quality videos on TikTok.

Which phone has the best camera for making TikTok videos?

Which phones have great selfie cameras?

Which phones are waterproof or water-resistant to protect them from spills and splashes?

In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more so that you can find the perfect phone for creating awesome TikTok videos!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Phone for TikTok

When looking for the best phone for TikTok, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Which phone has a good camera? This is one of the most important considerations.
  • Which phone offers more storage space for your videos? It may be worth spending some extra money on this feature.
  • Which phone is waterproof and can take great pictures in the rain?
  • Which phone has a good battery life and won’t die when you’re live streaming for hours on end?
  • Which phone is affordable while still having all the features listed above? A high price tag doesn’t always mean better quality.
  • Which phone is durable enough to withstand daily use such as dropping it, getting stepped on, etc.? This will depend on your lifestyle.

You want to invest in a phone that besides having a great camera, has all the features mentioned above such as having enough space on your device for extra storage if you plan on using it for storing videos or photos, long battery life, and durability so it can withstand daily use.

We’re now going to look at the best phones that fit all these 6 criteria mentioned above.

Go Viral Today On TikTok

Which Phone Is Best for TikTok?

Best Phone Camera for TikTok

The camera on a phone can be one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing which phone to buy for filming TikTok videos.

Whether you want to take selfies, create videos or upload them for your followers on TikTok and other social media sites like Snapchat or Instagram, it’s important that the camera is good enough so that all of the images are clear and focused.

The following phones have some of the best cameras for filming videos for TikTok:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

camera phone tiktok - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s best features come out when you zoom in. Get close enough to your story that you can hear its heartbeat, and shoot photos and videos like a professional.

With 12 different lenses ready to go—from HD video to 8K—enjoy all the images of life on your screen with clarity, even with ultra-detailed optical zoom for up 100x closer viewing (hint: think space).

And because moments happen in the blink of an eye, Galaxy S21 has split focus so you don’t miss anything big.

The dual-lens features an impressive combo of 3x and 10x optical zoom that will help you focus on just about every detail in your scene for a truly stunning composition.

Don’t stop your photographic creativity there, take things up even another notch by zooming in even closer with our revolutionary 100x Space Zoom option to capture those moments exactly how they were meant to be seen: digitally enhanced but otherwise untouched by post-processing or editing software.

With lightning-fast laser focus, you can get tight shots without any blur. And crystal clear 108MP will ensure your moments are captured just as brightly and beautifully as they happen.


Apple iPhone 12 Pro

camera phone tiktok - Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Introducing the Apple iPhone 12 Pro, raising the modern smartphone bar by enhancing professional photography.

The 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display is great for editing and presenting work, while it features True Tone so colors are richer with more warmth in low light situations.

There’s also a splash, water, and dust-resistant all-glass design that has been rated IP68 to withstand various conditions such as light rain or coffee spills on your desk.

The triple camera set on the back offers amazing clarity across both photos and videos with Portrait mode so you never miss a detail in any shot again.

Editing your phone should be something worth showing off!

The iPhone 12 Pro is able to keep up a full day of activity with not just under 17 hours of video playback, but 11 hours of streaming.

In a pinch, it can charge a battery that’s nearly drained in around 30 minutes.


Google Pixel 5

camera phone tiktok - Google Pixel 5

With Night Sight, the new Pixel 5 allows you to capture great photos even in the dark.

The rear-facing ultrawide lens offers a cinematic photographic view with dramatic wide-angle shots from kids’ birthday parties or rollercoasters at an amusement park.

And of course, the world-famous portrait mode lets you take picturesque portraits day and night by bringing studio-quality lighting into any setting.

Your friends and loved ones will look as if their light is shining on them against all odds.

Packed with features, the Google Pixel 5 is a must-have for any mobile user who prefers to switch up their carrier or not sign a new contract.

The wireless capability means you can make use of T-Mobile without having to pay them any monthly fees on top of what your normal phone service plan promises.

On top of being unlocked and cell phone compatible with major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint,’s the 5G antenna will give you faster downloads so loading videos and music right onto your device will be quicker than ever before.


OnePlus 8 Pro

camera phone tiktok - OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 Pro is no doubt one of the best “flagship killers” on the market today.

From its incredible performance specifications to its eye-catching AMOLED display, this device has it all.

So if you’re someone that wants a phone with top-of-the-line specs and performance at an unbeatable price point while paying as little attention as possible to marketing campaigns, then the OnePlus 8 Pro could be just what you’re looking for!

OnePlus 8 Pro comes with:

  • an advanced AMOLED display,
  • HDR10+,
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 octa-core 2.84GHz technology,
  • a Quad Rear Camera System where each image sensor takes care of specific needs…you can literally always have the perfect angle at any moment in your life!

And of course, they made sure this whole exquisitely designed package was unlocked so it could be compatible with GSM carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile.


Best Phone Stand for TikTok Video

Phone stands are an integral part of filming professional videos for TikTok.

A phone stand is a device that holds your mobile device in place so it can be used to produce high-quality videos without having to hold the camera yourself.

This allows you to focus on what’s happening and not have to worry about holding your phone up for video recording, which is difficult enough by itself.

We recommend the following phone stand that comes with a selfie ring:

Belifu 10″ Selfie Ring Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand

best phone stand for tiktok - Adjustable Tripod Stand

You’re in the middle of nowhere with your friends, and luckily you have your Adjustable Tripod Stand!

With features like a 360-degree phone holder to capture spectacular selfies, this will surely be an invaluable asset.

Mount up and never worry about not being able to reach for that perfect shot – what could possibly go wrong?



There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best phone for TikTok.

We’ve covered them all here, from screen size and battery life to camera quality and storage space; now it’s time for you to take action!

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