How to Do Instagram Live with More than 3 People

How to Do Instagram Live with More than 3 People

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    If you would wish to improve the connection with your audience, then you can do Instagram Live with More than 3 People.

    This is another novelty offered by this social platform, which stands out for its visual formats, both images, and videos.

    Social networks do not stop mutating, immersed in constant evolution.

    Therefore, the brands that move in the digital field, especially those that monetize their publications and streaming broadcasts, have to be aware of the changes.

    These virtual spaces have become very complete tools for users since they integrate functionalities similar to those of other programs or channels.

    A reflection of this is the possibility of using Instagram Live with more people.

    Although it is not new functionality, it is something attractive for people who use this network.

    What Is It like to Do Instagram Live with More than 3 People

    The confinement due to the COVID-19 pandemic has awakened the creativity of many people.

    Many people began to look for ways to maintain communication with their family and friends, as well as companies with their employees.

    This need to communicate also reached social networks and many artists, influencers, experts, and brands launched the live broadcast with their followers.

    This prompted the creation of Live Rooms, the functionality that allows direct with three other people.

    Using Instagram Live with more people was able to expand the possibilities of live broadcasts through this platform.

    It gives the opportunity to be more creative, both on a personal and corporate level. Remember that previously it was only allowed to share the screen with one more guest.

    The three people who can integrate the ‘live’ are the creator of the broadcast and three additional guests.

    You can start round tables to deal with a specific topic, interview various users, changing and rotate.

    Or, simply, develop a pleasant and natural conversation with your own audience.

    More about Live Rooms

    More about Live Rooms

    You should know that the Live Rooms interface adjusts based on the number of people, although the host will always be at the top.

    As in the rest of the direct ones, they last up to 4 hours and it is not necessary to add all the participants from the beginning.

    Regarding the invitation to join an Instagram Live with more people, it can be done at any time.

    Everything will depend on how you want to handle the conversation: it can be a debate type or individual interviews that are connected to the topic to be discussed.

    In terms of privacy, those users who have been blocked by any of the active participants will not be able to join the ‘live’.

    The same goes for those who have ever violated the Community Guidelines. It should be noted that the host will also be able to block, filter or report comments.

    Instagram live monetization options are also available.

    This means that you can initiate, for example, charity fundraisers or carry out direct sales of products and/or services to your followers.

    Steps to Create an Instagram Live Session with More People

    To carry out an Instagram Live broadcast with more people, it is necessary to have some functionalities under control and know what the steps to follow are:

    • Go to Instagram and open the stories camera. Then head over to the “Live” mode icon.
    • Select the title of your Live Room so that users know what topic you will talk about.
    • Click on the Rooms icon to add the guests. There you can see the people who have requested to do a direct with you.
    • In addition, you can search for people you want to add to your direct.
    • Tap the “Live” icon to start your broadcast. Once you are inside, you can add the guests you want.
      When starting the Live Room, the host stays at the top of the screen when adding guests.
    • To add guests you must press the “Video” icon. This way, you will be able to send requests for guests to join.
    • You can add all your guests at once or do it one by one if you want to create a surprise effect.

    Take advantage of Live Room

    Beyond being something new for users who consume this platform, Live Room represents a great opportunity for collaboration and creativity.

    Therefore, it is of great benefit that you know the utilities that you can provide to the tool:

    1.- Chat Panel for Questions and Answers

    This functionality is ideal for conducting webinars or a question and answer space.

    An alternative to developing this dynamic is to hold monthly chats with some frequency in which you have new guests and topic discussions.

    Here you can work with micro-influencers or experts in your sector and hold talks on specific topics.

    Take the opportunity to read some questions that the audience asks in the comments so they can get the answer they want.

    2.- Feedback Sessions


    You are in front of a space that allows you to connect with your community and listen to it.

    This is ideal since you can know what products your consumers like, the type of content that engages them, and much more.

    When you know your audience it is easier to be able to offer them just what they want.

    For example, you can invite 3 customers who frequently share your content or are repeat buyers to join your Live Room.

    This shows viewers that you value the opinions of your community.

    Here you can also get information about your community, recognize your pain points and increase loyalty to your brand.

    3.- Product Demonstration

    Today social networks are an excellent window to publicize and promote products. For this, visual content has been a great ally, especially the video format. Consumers are much more attracted to what they see than what they read.

    In fact, according to a study by Wyzowl, 84% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video from a brand.

    So you can take advantage of Live Room to show how your products or services work.

    You could do a tutorial led by members of your team, influencers, or personalities.

    The idea is that viewers can see in a more precise way how they can use what they are interested in acquiring.

    One advantage is that through live broadcasts, users have the possibility to buy featured products during the broadcast.

    Not only does it simplify the process for the buyer, but also for the business to sell right away.

    4.- Sweepstakes or Interactive Questionnaires

    Giveaways are becoming more common on platforms, as they are an opportunity to increase brand visibility and recognition.

    Therefore, you can organize an Instagram Live with more people that have the presence of other brands or creators.

    You can also do a live quiz, where you select 3 people from the connected audience and ask them questions on a specific topic.

    People who answer correctly will win a prize, such as a product from your brand or from one of your business partners.

    5.- Live Events

    If the pandemic achieved anything, it is that many companies, brands, and personalities transferred their strategies to the virtual world.

    For this reason, many chose to take their events, concerts, and performances to ‘lives’.

    Imagine being able to join your favorite band in the same ‘live’ and have them sing and play some of their songs.

    Best of all, viewers from all over the world can tune in, and since live streams can be monetized, you could be monetized.

    Participation and reach are increased because a more intimate environment is created as if it were only for one person, but thousands of viewers see it.

    6.- Interactive Classes

    It is also a perfect space to teach classes, whether they are art, baking, jewelry, food and drinks, fitness, and much more.

    There may be 4 people leading a portion of a class, each based on their area of ​​expertise.

    And the best thing is that they can also be monetized.

    For creators, Live Rooms represents a new opportunity to earn money.

    Thanks to Instagram launching badges that can be purchased by users, they can even tip creators during a stream.

    Although this was for Instagram Live, this functionality will be developed in a similar way.

    Viewers will be able to purchase a host badge. In this way, you can perform these direct with several people and earn money.

    So you can not miss this function that Instagram offers you.

    Not only because you can make a profit, but it is a way to strengthen the relationship between your brand and the community.