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Get more followers on Facebook in 2023

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    Easy steps to get 10000+ Auto followers on Facebook

    How to get 10000+ Auto followers on Facebook

    With the constant changes in Facebook algorithms, it’s becoming harder and harder to survive on BOTS. The algorithms are on a constant lookout for suspicious activities and boy, are bots suspects.

    With bought followers, you risk penalties from Facebook and at worst a ban may occur. This will limit your accounts’ potential to get more followers on Facebook.

    Facebook Automation is the most successful way of getting more followers on Facebook.

    How? Well besides automation you need to ensure you have great content that is captivating to your target audience. So let’s get the steps right.

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    Content creation

    The key to developing a superb Facebook page and scaling your business to greater heights is to post content that genuinely interests your customers or clients.

    By providing valuable information to your readers you will build a stronger relationship with current and prospective customers. Take time to see what other people in your niche are doing.

    Let’s face it, in whichever area there’s got to be someone else who is doing it better than you. So follow the trend and find a means to leveraging the content for your page.

    Post a variety of content, i.e press releases, high quality, and relevant photos and videos, and so forth.

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    Allow fans to post on your wall

    In a bid to get more followers on Facebook, It’s very important to allow users to post on your wall, infant its the whole idea of having a fan page.

    This allows you to get valuable feedback about your brand and ensure necessary adjustments and improvements are made.

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    Call to action button

    Call to action buttons are customized URL buttons that redirect users to a website or blog. this enables them to get more detailed information about your brand.

    This way you are able to drive valuable traffic and enhance your market reach. they include ‘book now’, ‘learn how’, get it now’, and so forth.

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    Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

    The Facebook Organic reach is the number of unique Facebook users you can reach with your Facebook content for free and not as a result of ads.

    When you post something on Facebook, your content will be displayed only to some of your followers (people that liked your Facebook Page) or friends.

    It will not be visible to all your fan base, but to a certain percentage, depending on your organic reach.

    Your organic reach is therefore based on the number of engagements you get on your post as well as the amount of other competitive content that tries to out-win your fans at the same time.

    Your organic reach is calculated based on the engagement you get on your posts. As well as the amount of other competitive content that tries to win the attention of your fans at the same time.

    First, you need to make sure your engagement rates are as high as possible. Lots of engagement translates into great content, and great content is highly appreciated by Facebook’s algorithm.

    And second, you need to schedule your posts and try to avoid the “peak hours” – when everybody else is posting their own content.

    But of course, you also need to take into consideration your followers’ time zone and their online habits (when they actually show up to read their feeds).

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    How then do you achieve this?

    Alright, now that we have the content right, let see how we can set up a Facebook automation software and get more followers on Facebook.

    While there are numerous tools in the market for this function, I personally use JARVEE due to its numerous features, ease of use, and affordability.

    JARVEE is an intelligent tool that mimics normal human behavior and runs on autopilot. This is to say that, after successfully setting up, you sit back while JARVEE does the job for you.

    PS also automates Instagram, Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Youtube as well

    Go here and download a free trial of this advanced social media automation tool for free. The trial period is 5 days which is time to test and review its benefits (No credit card details required)

    1. Once you’ve registered and installed the tool, use the details sent to your email to log in to the app.
    2. Here you are going to add your Instagram account (s)-depending on the downloaded package you can automate as many Instagram accounts as possible.
    3. To add your account on JARVEE, click on SOCIAL PROFILE on the left Menu bar.
    4. Now click on ADD PROFILE and select FACEBOOK

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    Facebook automation and what the tool will do for you

    JARVEE will help you interact with your audience with a powerful set of Facebook automation tools.

    These tools are specially designed to plan, manage, and analyze all your social interactions.

    If you’re into Facebook marketing JARVEE is the tool for you. It will grow your business with real Facebook followers.

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    Posts Scheduling

    With JARVEE you will be able to create month-long content and schedule them for automatic posting at times when your fans are most engaged.

    Furthermore, they will be posted at a specific time of day such that your fans know exactly when to expect your post.

    You can schedule the posts on your personal accounts, Facebook pages, or any group you can post to.

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    Auto-hashtag keywords

    JARVEE will allow you to set up niche-oriented keywords that are eventually converted to hashtags once your posts are published.

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    Campaigns insights and statistics

    JARVEE will provide you with statistics and insights for your strategy. This data is essential in evaluating the extent to which your strategy is working.

    Obviously, if it isn’t you save time by adopting a different one. This is a key tool in ensuring you achieve audience reach and eventually get 10000+ Auto followers on Facebook.

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    Find Groups and Pages in your niche

    Using intelligent algorithms, JARVEE has the best group finder around. Using group-finder, you are able to search for thousands of groups that are unique to your target niche.

    Join/Un-join Groups in your niche

    JARVEE allows you to join the groups that you have been able to derive from the group finder option.

    You then have the discretion to automatically un-join the ones you find useless and retain the beneficial ones.

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    Ignore Groups

    This tool has an option to ignore groups that you don’t wish to interact with. These are ideally competitor groups or other groups that are detrimental to your account in any way.

    Make sure you never interact with certain groups, be it your competitor’s group or your school’s classmates group.

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    Auto-Share posts on your Groups

    You will also be able to Auto-share your Facebook post and attain maximum reach for your brand by sharing them on other groups that you are a member of.

    Schedule posts from RSS feed

    RSS stands for “rich site summary.” At its heart, RSS is just simple text files with basic updated information — news pieces, articles, that sort of thing.

    That stripped-down content is usually plugged into what is called a “feed reader” or an interface that quickly converts the RSS text files into a stream of the latest updates from around the web.

    JARVEE will allow you to import high-quality content from this source. You are then at liberty to schedule the post on your Facebook page.

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    Auto-Invite friends to your groups

    Tired on inviting your friends to all of your groups, well this tool has you sorted, it will automatically invite them to these groups and enhance your brand identity.

    You can also Auto-accept new members to your groups.

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    Auto-Invite friends to Pages/Events

    JARVEE allows you to automatically invite friends to your pages/events. This way you have a substantial audience for your events. That’s not all, your page will also grow faster.

    Auto-Comment and Like

    The tool will do the commenting and liking for you on various pages, groups, or walls.

    This will trigger a domino effect on your account growth and bring you closer to getting 10000+ Auto followers on Facebook.

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    Auto-Accept friend requests

    Save yourself tremendous time by the auto-accept friends feature on JARVEE. You can use this time to focus on content creation or other issues.

    Auto-Reply to new messages

    JARVEE comes with an auto-reply feature. This is especially useful when you are not online all the time. JARVEE will respond to all your message.

    This feature is enhanced with the use of creative SYNTAX to avoid monotony. You afforded some time to come back later and continue the conversation at your convenience.

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    Send Friend Requests

    JARVEE will use intelligent algorithms to extend friend requests to people in your unique niche. This will further the objective f getting 10000+ auto followers on Facebook.

    Targeting will greatly increase the chances of these request being accepted because you are reaching to an audience which is interested in your content.

    Contact other people in your niche

    Search for people in your niche that are interested in your business and contact them using JARVEE.

    This is a well-known Facebook marketing tactic and one of the most efficient methods to expand your reach and increase your traffic and sales.

    With JARVEE you will find and contact niche-specific real people.

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    Auto-Unfriend Tool

    When the circumstances deem it necessary, set JARVEE to automatically unfriend people that do not add value to your business.

    Auto-Change cover photo

    It’s important to update your cover photo at least once every two months to keep your page fresh.

    When you upload a new cover photo it will also be posted on your timeline, giving your page greater visibility.

    Again JARVEE has you sorted, you just need to create multiple cover photos and JARVEE will automatically rotate them.

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    Bump your group posts

    Bump is an online slang term for the practice of moving a post to the top of a discussion thread, increasing a message or thread’s status and visibility.

    JARVEE will periodically do this for your posts ensuring they stay relevant. You avoid posting the same content multiple times which is quite frankly annoying.

    Birthday Tool

    It’s a bad social signal when you fail to wish your friends the best of wishes on their special day. wishing them is actually an indicator of your cohesive bond.

    It’s however human nature to forget and this doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like these individuals. JARVEE developers had this in mind while coding the tool.

    Set these functions on autopilot, again with creative use of the spintax feature.

    Spin syntax

    Spintax is the format (or syntax) that is used by various software spinners and article submission sites that create or use spun articles.

    There are various spintax formats depending on what software/services you use. This feature on JARVEE will ensure unique messages are published on each account response.

    Proxy Support

    JARVEE supports the use of proxy, you can run each individual account on a separate proxy. This will greatly enhance the privacy and security of these accounts.

    Better Account Management

    With JARVEE you can set up custom sleep times for your Facebook accounts, randomize and limit the number of posts per day.

    This will ensure a more human-like behavior and reduces the risk of Facebook restriction.

    Turn Off Group notifications

    If you’re into a lot of groups you’ll probably get flooded with all those group notifications, reduce the noise by turning them off automatically.