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How to remove followers on Instagram 2023

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Guide on how to remove followers on Instagram

how to remove instagram followers

Before we embark on how to remove followers on Instagram, let’s quickly get some stats.

If you were questioning whether Instagram has the user base to warrant your time, money, and energy, well stop! Instagram has 1 billion logging in each month.

This means it has formed part of 1 in every seven people on earth.

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More than 500 million users log in to their accounts daily, 64% of these people are between 18-34 yrs and brand follower growth increases from 6% to 8% from month to month.

With these stats, it is apparent that you cannot afford to ignore Instagram presence for your business or even for social purposes.

It’s rewarding as it is satisfying to have a massive following on Instagram. It has quite an array of benefits, be it a social or business account.

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Financial gain

Personalities with a massive following are able to monetize their account through advertisements. Marketers are always on the lookout for ways to expand their horizons.

They constantly hunt for accounts that have millions of followers that fit their targets’ demographics.

With a good following, you can also monetize by selling your own products. Such is the case with Kylie Jenner who became an overnight sensation.

With her huge following, Kylie cosmetics sold 54 million worth of products at its inception. She is currently worth 900 million according to Forbes and the number is no doubt growing.

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Influence ideology

Having a huge following gives you the power to bring about change. For instance, hashtags started by celebrities have a way of circulating and even going viral on social media.

They eventually are picked by mainstream media.

These ideologies may, for instance, cause resistance movements against corrupt governments. This may cascade to a huge revolt causing a power shift into better governance.

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Instagram stories swipe ups

Instagram stories are an emerging means of broadcasting your brand and expanding your reach on Instagram. They are a great way of sharing your content with your followers.

The ‘story’ concept has been proven to generate more engagement than the average Instagram post. This for business or otherwise translates to a huge source of traffic and consequently revenue.

With stories, you are able to share external links to your website or blog through the swipe-ups option.

The swipe-up option, however, is only available to accounts that are verified or have at least a minimum of 10000 followers.

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Followers are a social currency

The abundance of followers on Instagram translates to credibility. Models and celebrities with a huge following, otherwise known as influencers are individuals whom people look up to for opinions.

Their audience stalks them, adores them, and often wishes they were them. These influencers are contracted by manufacturers of various products.

They will then suggest the products as desirable and their audience swarm to shop for these products. Kim Kardashian charges 8000 for doing nothing much but sending a tweet on a particular product.

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In recent times, it’s becoming more and more apparent the need for humans to be famous. The predominant motivator for fame involves perceived suitability and intensity for a celebrity lifestyle.

Fame is also associated with fortune, and rightly so. Being famous extends individual social circles and often leads to financial success.

It’s no wonder Instagram verifies celebrity accounts to set a status boundary amongst its users.

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Why then would you want to remove followers on Instagram?

Followers on Instagram mean nothing if they are not real people who are interested in your content.

It’s therefore wise to remove all spam accounts as well as real accounts that do not bother engaging with your content.

Unless you have a private account Instagram provides no mechanism of removing followers. luckily there are other third-party Instagram unfollow tools that will help you.

JARVEE is one particular tool that offers this functionality.

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Step by step guide to removing followers on Instagram


JARVEE is an intelligent tool that mimics normal human behavior and runs on autopilot. This is to say that, after successfully setting up, you sit back while JARVEE does the job for you.

PS: JARVEE also supports Instagram, Quora, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Youtube Automation.

Go here and download a free trial of this advanced social media automation tool for free. The trial period is 5 days which is time enough to remove followers on Instagram. (No credit card details required)

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