How to get more visibility on Instagram;to get more visibility on Instagram

How to get more visibility on Instagram in 2023

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How to get more visibility on Instagram

How to get more visibility on Instagram

Now the first tip that I have for you to make sure you’re getting as much visibility as possible on Instagram whenever you post something is to create shareable content.

Now, this kind of sounds like a no-brainer tip, but a lot of people actually don’t know how to create shareable content and what shareable content actually means.

Shareable content is beneficial for your account because you need to create content pieces that make it easy for someone else to share on their platforms as well.

Not just liking and commenting, but actual sharing.

The reason why this is important is when someone is sharing your content, their audience then has access to your content and that’s going to increase the number of eyeballs and visibility that you’re getting on that particular post or content piece.

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How exactly do you create shareable content?

to get more visibility on Instagram

Now, how exactly do you create shareable content?

Now, a lot of people are going to advise you to make captions that actually make people think or make people want to share, but the problem that I find when you’re writing captions is that it’s so long and when someone is sharing that post all they’re seeing is the photo and not necessarily the caption.

That’s why what sometimes I like to do is I actually break up my captions and I turn it into a carousel onto my profile.

All you need to do is take your caption and put it into a notepad and then break it up into multiple pieces and turn it into a carousel.

This is going to be really awesome because if someone really loved your caption, they actually have a photocopy of that caption that’s going to make it easy for them to share on their story or any other platform that they have.

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The second tip to get more visibility on Instagram is to create quotable moments.

What this means is if you have a really engaging caption, why not take one sentence of that caption that actually is really impactful and turn it into a quote that you put as a carousel in your photo.

Let me give you an example of what I like to do.

I actually have created a Twitter account for myself that has a username that is similar to my handle and what I do is after every post, I actually create a quotable moment that makes it easy for someone to share because let’s be real.

Not everyone wants to share a photo of you, Instead, they like to share quotes,

And what I found in my account is actually whenever I post a quote on my profile, it gets a lot of saves and a lot of shares compared to my other posts.

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This is why I continue to do it because that actually increases the reach on that piece of content, which then brings more profile views onto my profile.

So if you’re struggling with creating sharable content, these are the top two tips that I have for you to make it easy for your audience to actually share the amazing work that you’re already doing.

Now, beyond just creating shareable content on Instagram, another tip that I have for you that’s going to help you increase your reach and get more visibility on Instagram is using the right hashtags.

I know that a lot of you guys right now have less than maybe 100,000 followers on Instagram and for accounts that aren’t really that big on Instagram, I highly advise that you do not use big massive hashtags.

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Use this simple hashtag generator tool to ease your hashtag research process.

The problem is when you’re using hashtags that are way too big, you’re going to get, drowned out by the competition.

What I actually recommend is choosing the right hashtags that are niche-oriented, which are actually related to the content that you’re posting.

Similarly, it is important to choose hashtags that are less in size. The reason for this is when you actually get targeted in your hashtag strategy, you’re going to be able to achieve amazing results.

Now, so far in this article, I shared with you guys my top tips on how to get more visibility on Instagram. hope this piece is helpful. Stick around for more tips on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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