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How to master Instagram hashtag research in 2023

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How to master Instagram hashtag research

How to master Instagram hashtag research

Looking to master Instagram hashtags?

You’ve come to the right place! Using relevant, targeted hashtags on your posts and stories is still one of the best ways to get discovered by new audiences on Instagram.

And this can quickly translate into more engagement, more followers, and more customers for your business. The hashtags actually have plenty of uses beyond improving your content’s discoverability.

You can use them for community building, you can use them to find user-generated content, run a campaign, research an audience and so much more!

That’s why it’s so important to have a clear and well-crafted hashtag strategy.

Without one, you could be missing out on opportunities to optimize your account and drive more engagement and followers and that’s exactly what we’re going to do today!

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Top 5 things to know about Instagram hashtags

In this article, we’re going to be sharing the top 5 things to know in order to master Instagram hashtag research in 2020

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1. Optimize your hashtag use

In the past year and a half alone, Instagram has released a ton of new hashtag tools and features and we recommend using as many of them as possible if you want to get ahead.

Here are a few tips: First, add hashtags to your Instagram bio.

This is a really good hashtag feature that’s pretty functional. You can use it to promote your brand and hashtag or a specific campaign hashtag.

All you have to do is include a hashtag before any word in your bio and it will automatically become a clickable link that leads visitors to that hashtag page.

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2. Instagram hashtags into your stories

In a bid to master Instagram hashtags research, add Instagram hashtags into your stories.

This is a really great way to give your content an added chance to be discovered by new audiences and even maybe get you some new followers.

When people search for a hashtag on Instagram, if it’s popular enough – they’re actually going to be able to see a collection of stories on the search results page which could include yours.

You can add up to 10 hashtags to each Instagram story including one clickable hashtag sticker. Okay, so here’s a tip if you’re worried about your story looking really cluttered with hashtags.

You can make your text-based hashtags appear smaller by just pinching the text and hide them under a gif or a sticker – problem solved.

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3. Follow hashtags on Instagram

The third thing you need to know to master Instagram hashtag research is following hashtags on Instagram.

Instagram did a big update a couple of years ago and added the ability to follow hashtags, meaning you can now stay up to date on a bunch of topics you care about or different communities by following a hashtag that’s related to your interests.

For brands and businesses, this opens up a big opportunity to regularly appear in a follower’s feed. For example, if you have a branded hashtag for your business you can invite your followers to also follow your unique hashtag to see the top posts from it.

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Number two, keep your hashtags tidy using 10 or more hashtags in your posts is a good sweet spot and it could really improve your overall engagement rate.

But does that mean that you always have to use that many hashtags?

Not at all. We’ve seen a ton of strategies and a lot of different ideas on how many hashtags that you should be using, but really at the end of the day it’s up to you and what works best for your audience.

If you can find 30 super relevant hashtags to add to each post then totally go for it. But something to keep in mind to master Instagram hashtag research is to look in your captions.

Alternatively use this free Hashtag Generator that will give relevant hashtags skewed to your niche.

While adding hashtags to your posts is one of the best ways to boost your engagement and get more posts in front of your target audience, too many hashtags and your caption can look really untidy and sometimes come across as spammy.

So for this, we have two suggestions.

The first one is to simply add some line breaks before you write in your caption. Something that you can easily do when you’re scheduling posts in Jarvee, and you’ll have lovely spaced-out captions for your Instagram posts when they are published.

The second option is to add your hashtags to the first comment of your Instagram post.

So posting your hashtags in the first comment is a great way to make your caption the star of the show without compromising any of the engagement that you might get from hashtags, and yes hashtags still work in the first comment.

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Now you can schedule your post like normal and your, the first comment will be scheduled right along with it.

Keep in mind that there are different kinds of hashtags on Instagram.

There are community hashtags like hashtag Tuesday tips or hashtag foodies on Instagram that are great for connecting with other like-minded users.

Then there are branded hashtags that can be used to promote your business more generally.

There are also campaign-specific hashtags like #Latercon that are really tied to specific campaigns like a new product launch or an event or a partnership.

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Finding cool, creative, and nice hashtags for your business

So how do you go about finding cool, creative, and nice hashtags for your business? Here are a few tips, First, it’s a good idea to look at what hashtags your audience is already using.

Your hashtags should be relevant and contain keywords that your audience is actually searching for. So do a little digging and find out what they’re using in their posts and in their stories.

Second, take a look at the hashtags that your competitors are using.

While it may not be your intention to compete on those hashtags directly, you could still end up figuring out what your potential customers are talking about and what hashtags that they’re using, and who knows, maybe you’ll even discover some new hashtags add to your list.

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The third tip is to research industry leaders, so one of the best ways to find relevant hashtags is by following Instagram influencers that have the same or similar target audience that you have.

Every industry has its respective key influencers, so find out who those people in your niche are and use their posts as inspiration.

These people are already well-established with your target audience, so why not learn from the best finally you can use flick Hashtag generator feature to find new hashtags.

Make sure that you’re checking out your hashtag analytics. Looking at the performance of the hashtags that you’ve used in the past can be a really great way to decide what hashtags you should use again in the future.

For this, you can use Instagram’s native analytics tool to track how many people landed on your profile or viewed your posts based on the hashtags.

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4. Keep your hashtags organized

Tip number four is to keep your hashtags organized. It used to be that the best way to organize your hashtags was with a spreadsheet.

You would create an Excel spreadsheet with headers like hashtags category number of posts and more and then you would fill it out as you found new effective hashtags.

Well, thankfully there is a much better way to organize your hashtags. With Flick, you can actually create multiple hashtag lists based on your frequently used, hashtag categories and you can do this all in your accounts.

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Branded Instagram hashtags are a great way to help spread the word about your business. Find content created about you by your followers, create a community around your business, and attract new followers.

In fact, according to a study, 70 percent of the most used hashtags on Instagram are branded and created by businesses so, for example, Airbnb promotes its branded hashtags and shares images of their stays to their Instagram feeds.

The result is a curated Instagram feed that’s made up entirely of user-generated content.

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Tips to get the most from your branded hashtag

Here are a few tips to get the most from your branded hashtags.

First, keep it short, simple, and easy to spell so that your fans and customers can easily remember it when they want to rate their caption.

Be specific but something like hashtag really tasty food Toronto for a coffee shop won’t catch on because it’s too long it has too many characters.

Secondly, avoid competition you want your brand and Instagram hashtag to be relevant and centered around a topic that people will be enthusiastic about discussing but you also want to be specific enough that it doesn’t get drowned out and all the noise.

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Make sure your brand and Instagram hashtag is unique enough that it deters off-topic discussions.

Third, make it memorable, make your hashtag a catchy phrase that rolls off the tongue, or makes it something so simple that it’s just a no-brainer for people to add to their Instagram posts.

Use familiar words and don’t be afraid of adding in some creativity, once you’ve nailed these tips and you come up with a great branded hashtag, it’s time to start promoting it.

As we already mentioned it’s a great idea to add your brand and hashtag to your Instagram bio and to entice your audience to follow it on Instagram as well but you should also include your branded Instagram hashtag in your marketing materials like emails, printed products, swag brand imagery.

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It should also spread to all of your social media networks, not just Instagram. All right and that’s it for our topic on How to master Instagram hashtag research.

I hope you learned a lot the social media world moves really fast so if you want to stay up to date on the latest Instagram news and trends make sure you check out other content on our website.