How To Delete Messages On Facebook Messenger

How To Delete Messages On Facebook Messenger

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How To Undo/Delete Facebook messages

Have you ever regretted when you’ve sent a message to a wrong person on Facebook messenger? Or even to a known person, but after that, you tried to found a way to delete that message?

Well, from today, you can delete your Facebook messages from old Messenger chat. In that way, both – you and the receiver of the message -, after you will delete the wrong message, will can only see this generic one: Websites Seller removed a message.

It’s not something new that sometimes people send wrong messages to other Facebook contacts. You know, that kind of message which you later regret, but…you cannot reverse it. Even if the both sides are in a conflict (it can be about love bobbery, sport dispute, political dissension, etc) in a time of their life, the bad part is that the message will remain forever in the messenger history (the only way to delete it could be the delete action from both parts).

But, good news: Facebook now allow you to delete the unwanted message in a few simple steps. Yes, sounds SF for people who have gone through this unpleasant experience, but it’s true. The only wrong part from this new Facebook feature is that you have 10 minutes to delete a newer message, and you cannot delete older messages (it could have been great…)

Here’s how to unsend your Facebook conversation or messages for everyone:

  • Open the Facebook Messenger app on your phone or desktop.
  • Open the conversation with the unwanted message ( the message you’d like to delete ).
  • If you are on phone: Press and Hold on that message line / If you are on desktop, select the three dots menu icon.
  • Next to the message, select the “remove” button.
  • Select “remove for everyone” — that makes sure that the messages disappear from the inboxes of the people you sent them to, not just from your own. You have 10 minutes to delete a newer message.

As always, you can report any conversation that violate the Facebook’s Community Standards.