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How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram in 2023

How do I unfollow everyone on Instagram?

Every once in a while we get an email from our readers asking how to unfollow everyone on Instagram.

Some even want to know the best Instagram unfollow app so that they can attempt to mass unfollow everyone on Instagram in an instant.

Instead of responding to the emails individually, we thought it would be more convenient if we’d create a comprehensive guide on how to unfollow everyone on Instagram.

We should first look at some of the reasons you’d want to unfollow everyone on Instagram before exploring the best Instagram unfollow app

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Reasons for unfollowing everyone on Instagram

  • Start a clean slate

Sometimes you just really need a clean slate, you’ve followed the same people for 6 years, seen the same old content.

You feel you’ve outgrown the content the people that you follow post, frankly, it gets monotonous and boring. This may be your cue to unfollow everyone on Instagram.

  • Clean up timeline

You may not want to unfollow everyone on Instagram. But you may have users who frequently post undesirable content, unfollowing such users can help clean up your timeline.

  • You’ve reached your follow limit

Instagram allows you to follow a maximum of 7500 users for each account.

In order to be able to follow more people, you’ll need to unfollow some of the users you are following in order to make room to follow others.

  • You’ve changed your business model

If you are running a business account and you’ve changed your business model, it would make sense to unfollow users from your previous niche, in order to make room for following new users in the new niche you’ve ventured into.

  • You’re unable to view posts from close friends and family

When following too many users on Instagram, your feed can easily get clogged by posts from people you don’t have a close relationship with, so much so that you won’t be able to view posts from people you actually care about.

In such a case the easy thing to do would be to unfollow everyone else except those you would wish to keep around.

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How to know if you need to unfollow everyone on Instagram

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Here’s what your follower/following ratio says about you (the number represents the ratio of your following compared to the number of followers you have – 400 is <0.5x of 1,000, 500-1,000 is 0.5-1x of 1,000, etc.):

<0.5 Spammer: You are inexperienced with Instagram automation tools and are spamming followers in the hope of follows back.

0.5-1 Suspicious: You are likely to be using Instagram automation tools, but are following the wrong people or have poor quality content leading to poor follow back rates.

1-2 Normal: You have some success with Instagram automation, but need to focus on other strategies to drive more engagement.

2-10 Micro-Influencer: Users that are either master of Instagram automation or has incredible content to grow their account.

10+ Influencer: Likely to be micro-celebrities or rising stars that are popular on other social media channels.

If you’re in the <0.5 Spammer or 0.5-1 Suspicious bracket and you want to add some credibility to your channel, you need to mass unfollow on Instagram.

Who should you include when performing a mass unfollow on Instagram?

Here’s a composition of followers that may necessitate you to unfollow everyone on Instagram

  • Inactive accounts
  • Bot/Fake accounts
  • Those who haven’t followed you back

The conventional way of unfollowing everyone on Instagram

1. Sign in to Instagram and then press the “Profile” button.
2. Press the “following” box that displays the number of people you’re following on Instagram.
3. Press the green “Following” button next to the first person on the list to stop following that person. Make sure the button becomes a blue Follow button.
4. Repeat the previous step for up to 200 people that Instagram displays in the list.
5. Sign out of Instagram or continue to use it but don’t follow or unfollow anyone. Wait about an hour and then repeat the previous steps to unfollow another 200 people until you’ve unfollowed everyone on your list.
As obviously noted the above process is tedious and frankly, nerve-wracking, don’t worry we have a simpler method

Apps to unfollow everyone on Instagram

There are many unfollow apps in the market today that claim to have this functionality including the option to remove followers on Instagram, caution, however, should be observed, Instagram has made several upgrades that may result in a ban if you tried unfollowing everyone on Instagram.

As a matter of fact, an attempt to unfollow 500 users at a go may plunge you into a blocked or banned account.

There is however a Social Media Automation tool that has stood the test of time and is frankly unrivaled. JARVEE is an intelligent tool that mimics normal human behavior and runs on autopilot.

This is to say that, after successfully setting up, you sit back while JARVEE does the job for you.

Go here and download a free trial of this advanced social media automation tool for free. The trial period is 5 days which is time enough to unfollow everyone on Instagram. (No credit card details required)

PS: JARVEE also supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Youtube platforms.

  • Once you’ve registered and installed the tool, use the details sent to your email to log in to the app.
  • Here you are going to add your Instagram account (s)-depending on the downloaded package you can automate as many Instagram accounts as possible.
  • To add your account on JARVEE, click on SOCIAL PROFILE on the left Menu bar.
  • Now click on ADD PROFILE and select INSTAGRAM.
  • Fill in your Instagram login details and click VERIFY.
  • Once your account is VALIDATED, you can now click on TOOLS on the left Menu bar. Here you will see all the accounts that you have added on JARVEE.
  • To set up auto unfollow, click on the name of the account whose users you want to unfollow. A new interface will appear with all the features available for Instagram. Since we are only interested in auto-unfollowing, you’re going to click on the UNFOLLOW tab.
  • Here you have a myriad of options to go with
  • At this point, you need to decide whether you want to unfollow everyone or a select group of people.

Manual Way to Unfollow People On Instagram

In order to unfollow everyone on Instagram manually, follow these steps:

    • Tap your profile icon on the Instagram application.
    • Click on the “Following” section and see the list of people you follow.
    • Whoever you want to unfollow, click on the “Following” section which is written next side of the name of the person.
    • Confirm your request with Y/N questions.

Unfollow everyone on Instagram

Since Instagram will not allow you to mass unfollow instantly, we’re going to spread the unfollowing task over the 5 days trial period. Ideally, you’ll need to allocate the number of users you wish to unfollow proportionately to the 5 days trial period.

For instance, if you need to unfollow 500 users, then you’ll have JARVEE unfollow 100 users per day.

To achieve this, copy the setting as illustrated in the image below when you’re done toggle the status button to start the unfollow operation.

unfollow everyone on instagram

Unfollow a select group of people

In this section, you’re going to decide on the users you DO NOT intend to unfollow. You’re going to achieve this by placing their user names in a WHITELIST.

You may also wish not to unfollow users that have interacted with your content. This will help keep your engagement going.

Just make sure to check the two boxes that say ‘do not unfollow likers‘ and ‘do not unfollow commenters

Under USER FILTERS, there’s an option to use the WHITELIST. Make sure you have it checked and place the user names of the users you’d like to continue following.

Once this is done, you can now toggle the STATUS button to start the process.

Other apps include, but are not limited to:

#1. Cleaner for Instagram

This is a multi-function app for Instagram. Using this app you can delete multiple photos at a time, Mass Block & Unblock, Mass Unfollow, etc.

To Mass Unfollow, Follow the steps:

Step 1: First Download & Install: Cleaner for the Instagram app on your Android device.

Step 2: Launch this app and log in with your Instagram account username and password.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Following’ from the bottom bar and go with the ‘Quick Select’ blue button. Here you will many options to select the ‘following’ users. Just Tap on ‘Select All’ to unfollow all at once

Step 4: Now Simply Tap on ‘Flash’ blue floating icon and Tap on the ‘Unfollow’ option, as shown in the above image.

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#2. Mass Unfollow for Instagram

‘Mass Unfollow for Instagram’ is one of the best tools for iOS Devices to clean up your Instagram account. Using this tool you do the following task:

  • Bulk block/unblock/unfollow users
  • Bulk delete posts
  • Bulk unlike posts & more…

It’s very simple to use this tool.

  • First Download & Install: Mass Unfollow for Instagram App on your iOS device (iPhone/iPad).
  • Login to this App with your Instagram Credentials. After that simply select the users from ‘Following’ tab at the bottom bar and Unfollow all with a tap.

#3. Unfollow for Instagram – Non-followers & Fans

‘Unfollow for Instagram’ is a simple Instagram Manager tool that shows you all the users who don’t follow you back and give you an option to unfollow single or multiple users in a single tap.

  • To Mass Unfollow, First Download & Install: Unfollower for Instagram App on your Android device. Then log in with Instagram Username and password.
  • It will scan your Account and tell you Followers/non-followers stats. To unfollow the users who don’t follow you back, tap on ‘Non-Followers’ Tab.
  • Now simply tap on ‘Unfollow’ button from the bottom bar to unfollow all non-followers.

Download Link: Unfollow for Instagram

#4. Cleaner for Ins

This is another best tool to clean up your Instagram account on your iOS devices. The steps are similar to the above ones.

So Download this app from the below-given link and Unfollow Tons of people with a single tap.

#5. Unfollowers for Instagram – Follow Cop

Follow Cop is an ultimate and elegant utility tool to manage your Instagram account. It gives you details of your Followers, Non-followers, Recent Followers, etc from your account.

Also, you can Mass Unfollow from your Instagram Account.

The steps are similar to the above ones. Download this app from the link given below and start to Clean up your Instagram account is FREE.

That’s it.

Feel free to reach us in the comment section or by email for any assistance.

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