How To Find Contacts On Yubo

How To Find Contacts On Yubo

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So, if you are using the Yubo app to make some new friends, and you also want your existing friends to add them to your Yubo friend list for fun but can’t find a way to do it and you search on the internet “How to find contacts on Yubo, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will see how to find contacts on Yubo or how to see contacts on Yubo in detail.

How To Find Contacts On Yubo?

Quick Fix!

Go to The Yubo Application on your Device.
Tap on the profile Icon at the top right corner of the screen.
Here, you will see a number of friends on the friend icon.
In the friend option, you will see your current friends, But if you find someone who is not in your friend list then follow the next steps. Read Also How To See Who Added You On Yubo For Free

How To See Contacts On Yubo?


Open the Yubo Application on your device And go to the search bar.
Enter the name or username of the person in the search bar you are looking for.
After entering a username or name, tap on people to see a match result.
If you find that person, tap on the profile to see the account details and to send a friend request. Once that person accepts your friend request, the app will add that person to your friend’s list.

How To Access Contacts On Yubo?

To access the Contacts In Yubo, follow the steps:

  • Open The Yubo Application On your device.
  • Go To Your profile and then select the settings icon.
  • In the setting option, find “Safety and privacy”.
  • In the safety and privacy option, select Contacts.


After Reading this article you will be able to solve your problems related to your Yubo contacts. We see 2 methods to find contacts on yubo.