How To Get a Snapchat Streak back free 2023 [solved]

How To Get a Snapchat Streak back free 2023 [solved]

Guys, if you lost your Snapchat streak accidentally or for some reason and you want to know how to restore snap streak for free, then you are in the right place.. Read Also Recover Snapchat Account By Username 2023.

In This post, we give you a proper solution to your problem and help you get your Snapchat streak back. read also How To Get Snapchat Ai & Does snapchat ai creepy?.

Before we go to the Snapchat streak recovery method, first we need to understand the Snapchat streak rules and how many times Snapchat will restore a streak. So while using Snapchat, keep this in mind and try to save your streak by following the Snapchat streak rules.

What does streak mean on snapchat?

Streak means on Snapchat that two people have been sending snaps or pictures to each other without failing a single day. If they forget to send a streak or open a snap streak, the streak score is reset to 0.

How important is snap streak for us:

Snapchat streaks represent the user’s relationship with their friends; losing a Snapchat streak can lead to feelings of sadness and disappointment, especially if the streak has been maintained for a long time.

Many users take pride in their high streak count; losing a streak is worse than a breakup for those people, especially if it happens unexpectedly. So to maintain the Snapchat streak, follow the Snapchat streak rules, which are mentioned in the section below this article.

Snapchat Streak Rules:

The rules are simple: to keep a Snapstreak going, both Snapchatters must send a Snap (not a chat) back and forth to each other within a 24-hour window without failing. Keep in mind these rules while using Snapchat; otherwise, you will lose your snapstreak with your friend. You’ll see this type of emoji next to a friend’s name if your Snap streak with them is about to expire.

How many times will snapchat restore a streak ?

Users can restore snapstreaks by using the streak restore function for free, but only once per user. This feature is no longer available after the first use.

Snapchat streak disappeared:

If your Snapchat streak disappeared, you can easily restore it by using the streak restore function for free, but only once per user. Don’t worry if you use this feature once and want to restore your Snapchat streak again. In this article, we provide a method to get your Snapchat streak back.

What is the longest snapchat streak?

The highest Snapchat streak is 2794+. The names of the snapchatters Hannah and Lucky, who maintained the snap streak from April 2015 to December 2022,

How To Get a Snapchat Streak back?

Today I am going to give some methods to get your Snapchat streak back if you lost it by accident or on purpose. Whatever the case, you will recover your Snapchat streak through this article.

In this article, we provide you with the simplest and quickest way to get Snapstreak back. The Following method works for both Android and iOS; we have tested it on both devices:

  • Step1:Go to browser in your device (any browser).
how to get snapchat streak back
  • Step3: Tap on I lost my snapchat streak.
how to restore snapchat streak free
  • step4: Scroll down and tap on how do i recover my snapchat streak.
snapchat streak store
  • Step4:Fill the form properly.
get back snapchat streak

write some convincing message in the box so support team can provide you a streak.

After some days, Snapchat support will reply that this is the only way you can recover your Snapchat streak without paying, or we can say that you can recover your Snapchat streak for free.

How can you prevent Future Streak Losses?

Here are some tips for preventing future streak losses:

  • Use a smartphone reminder or alarm to notify yourself to send a snap each day. Using this, you can send a snap without fail every day.
  • Talk to your friend about the importance of streak.
  • If you have a streak partner in another country, then be aware of the country’s time to send a snap and maintain a streak.


You can get Snapchat streaks back only once by using the streak restore function for free, but if you used this feature and want to recover Snapchat streaks, in this condition only Snapchat support can help you out. You have to fill out the Snapchat streak recovery form. Always try to maintain a Snapchat streak by sending or seeing the streak within 24 hours.

The method provided by this article is useful whether you are an iOS or Android user; it will work on both devices.

How many restores do you get on Snapchat?

If you are a free user, then you can only use the streak restore function once.

Will I lose my streaks if I uninstall and reinstall Snapchat?

To maintain a streak, you must send a snap to your friends within 24 hours; otherwise, you will lose your streak.

How do you have to send a snap to maintain a streak?

You have to send a snap to your streak partner within 24 hours to maintain the streak. It’s important to note that simply opening a snap does not count; both parties need to actively send a snap to each other.

can your regain a streak with someone if it’s lost?

Once a Snapchat streak is lost, it cannot be regained with the same person. You will need to start a new one by consistently sending a snap to each other.