how to go viral on TikTok

29 Tips on How to Go Viral on TikTok: Tips and Tricks

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Do you want to go viral on TikTok? If so, read this blog post!

We will talk about how to go viral on TikTok and how to get more likes.

The tips in this article are great for those who want a high level of engagement with their content.

So how do you go viral on TikTok? Keep reading below!

The following are 29 tips on how to go viral on TikTok:

How to Go Viral on TikTok

how to go viral on TikTok

1. To Go Viral on TikTok, Stick to What You Know

When it comes to long-term audiences, the best way is for a content creator to find their niche and stick with it.

TikTok will show your videos on the ForYou page of people who’ve shown interest in the same niche as your video.

This also reduces competition because there’s so much space in the algorithmic pool!

Additionally, when people know what they’re going to get from an account like this (given its consistent quality), then they’ll be confident about watching or subscribing every time.

2. Be Sure to Use Hashtags When Posting a Video on TikTok

One of the best ways to get more attention for your TikTok videos is by choosing appropriate hashtags. This will increase the chances of getting discovered.

The most important thing you need to do when choosing hashtags to use for your video is to make sure they’re not already trending; otherwise, if the hashtag is already saturated it’ll be difficult because there’s too much competition.

3. Go Beyond the Typical

One of the most interesting parts about TikTok is that videos often present content at its extremes.

This can be seen in popular creators like Zach King who gained 50 million followers with his mix of stunt and effects video collabs, stunts gone wrong, or just simply doing something crazy to show what he’s capable of.

Be sure to always try new things and never let fear hold you back from pursuing your passions!

4. Be the Spokesperson for Your Niche

While many popular social media stars are content to create a single viral trend, @lubalin is out to take the internet by storm with his creative use of “TikToks”.

His popularity on this app has led him from 5,000 followers last year all the way up to 2.5 million and he now boasts over 20 million subscribers!

@lubalinthis one took 9 months to make (ft. @charlottecardin_ ) 🚼 #sodramatic #humor #musician #pregnanttiktok #gregnant♬ original sound – Lubalin


Lubalin’s originality in creating humorous videos using TikTok sounds sparked an entire new video-making genre that mimics real-life crazy scenarios but through humor.

5. Capture Your Viewers’ Attention Immediately

TikTok’s video length is as short as 15 seconds, which means you need to cram a lot of information in that time space.

A good way to do this is by creating a video that starts off with an action-packed and engaging intro.

This will grab the attention of your viewers and keep them engaged in order to find out how it all ends.

6. Outline What You Are Good at and Hone in on That

Do not fall for trends only. Stick with what you know how to do.

If you are good at singing, make a video with your voice. If you are good at playing an instrument, make a video with your skill.

If you are a dancer, make a video. If you love to cook, make a cooking tutorial video.

The point is to showcase your talents and skills!

TikTok goes viral when a specific person or group of people is showcasing their talents. You don’t have to be good at everything!

Focus on what you’re good at and how it will make other people laugh, cry, etc. This is how TikTok has become so popular. It’s about those moments that we can

7. Understand the Type of Content Your Audience Will Find Engaging

People search TikTok for fun, inspiration, and entertainment.

Remember that they were likely jumping onto the platform to escape from real-world stressors so try not to go too dark or heavy on your videos unless you’re intentionally performing a parody of depression.

Try making them laugh with funny videos of animals doing things they normally don’t do.

Make sure you keep it lighthearted so that they can come on here and feel inspired again when someone is struggling in real life!

8. Post Plenty of Videos

The more videos you have uploaded, the better your chance of going viral and getting discovered!

This means that it’s not a one-time wonder but something to be done on an ongoing basis if you’re interested in building up any kind of following here.

9. TikTok’s Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm is complex and ever-changing.

It learns about you by looking at what videos you’ve liked, shared, or commented on before to determine which ones it should recommend for your viewing pleasure in the future.

So if one of those old cat clips with a particular song playing in the background catches your eye, then this algorithm will try its best to push that video towards our phone screens.

This is how they keep you coming back for more and it’s how the creators of TikTok are able to get their videos seen by new audiences.

Encourage your viewers to like and share your videos.

Don’t expect to go viral if your video is not getting enough likes.

TikTok’s algorithm will constantly push videos with the most views and engagement up towards the top of their app, meaning that even though you might have a great idea for a post, it still needs to be popular in order to get seen by other users

10. Try to Stand Out

It can be hard to get noticed on a platform where thousands of creators are competing with one another.

A good way to stand out from the crowd is by using videos in your content that people have never seen before! This might include new editing tricks, unusual locations for filming, or creative costumes and props.

Another thing you can do is to be a little more personal. If you’re filming your video while on vacation, tell the viewers how it feels and how much fun they are missing out on by not joining you in person!

TikTok is about having fun so remember that when making videos!

11. Pick a Trending Sound

TikTok allows you to upload a video with its own sound but if you want to increase your chances of going viral, select trending sounds to use. Make sure your audio of choice goes for the theme of the clip..

This will increase your video’s chances of getting discovered.

12. Include Random Details That Viewers Can Comment On

People like to pick out the finer details of videos they see and comment on them. The more random or uncommonly seen aspects you allow others to discuss, the higher chance there is for comments.

This will make your video more popular and provide an opportunity for dialogue to happen.

If there is a connection between how the viewer feels about one of these details from what’s going on in their own life, they’ll likely want to talk about it or share how they feel with others!

13. Encourage Interaction

The best way to get your viewers involved is by asking them questions about how they feel.

This will allow you to see how the audience feels and provide a platform for dialogue whereas one-sided conversations usually end up in disinterest very quickly, especially if there are no responses or feedback from others on it.

What’s more?

This also provides an opportunity for feedback and how to make the video better in future posts.

If you’re not sure what kind of questions should be included, here are just a few examples:

  • What did they like best about your video?
  • Did they find it funny or sad when happened?
  • Were they envious of how good you were at ?
  • Did they want more information about how to do something seen in the video?
  • What did they learn from this post or what would they like to see next time?

It’s also important not to forget that TikTok is a social media platform, meaning it’s about how you interact with the audience.

14. Personalize Your ForYou Page

TikTok is a platform for discovery. Even if you’re only following 5 accounts, it’s easy to spend hours scrolling through clips on this site.

Take steps to customize your ForYou page to ensure that what appears on your FY page falls within your niche so that you can learn from the type of content going viral here already!

15. Be Socially Active

Stay on top of the latest trends in your niche by following and commenting on others’ videos. This will help you stay up to date with what is going on!

Even if you’re not good with words, it’s worth the time to like or comment on others’ videos and give feedback.

This will help keep your account active so that other TikTok users can find you more easily!

16. Always Have a Strong Call to Action

You should always include a strong call to action in your content as it will help viewers take the next step.

This could be anything from subscribing or liking an account, following you on social media, commenting with how they feel about what was seen, or even how they want future posts to go!

The more steps that are included in this call to action in order for the viewer to take, the more likely they are going to be behind it.

It’s important not to include too many though because you don’t want them feeling overwhelmed by how much work your request is!

The best way would be to ask a question with a yes or no answer that leads to something else.

17. Use the Duet Feature

TikTok Duets allows people to take on their own celebrity, as they can create content featuring an initial video with a reply from themselves.

This is done in the form of two videos side-by-side that appear in a square format.

This is a great way to get more viewers while also getting engagement from others.

It’s important to ensure that these duets are relevant and on-topic for your niche! Don’t just post them because you can, or people will quickly grow tired of how many they’re seeing in their feed.

18. Consider the 3-second Rule

The first three seconds are crucial, and if they don’t captivate the audience then TikTok will label them as unimportant!

Make sure that in these initial moments of time, users stay on your content for a while so that their duration is high.

This can be done by using a witty introduction, getting user input on how they feel about something, or even asking them to participate.

It’s crucial that the first three seconds are impactful for it will encourage your viewers to keep watching!

19. Watch for TikTok Challenges

The last thing that you want to do is miss out on a challenge.

This can be done by following how many challenges are going viral in your niche and taking part when applicable!

Challenges often offer opportunities for people to get more followers, likes, or even comments while also getting their content noticed by others.

20. Be Authentic

This is the one thing that people will most remember about you.

Be sure to include how you feel or what your opinion on something is without being too pushy.

It’s important not to come off as just trying to get likes, followers, and comments because if people know it seems like a ploy then they’ll quickly lose interest.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Share your opinion on how something went wrong rather than worrying about how it made you look.

We all know that it’s going to happen eventually–a mistake is inevitable in this fast-paced world we live in now.

21. Share Tips, Advice, and Favorite Things

TikTok gives you the opportunity to become an educator and help others grow in their knowledge of different topics with your own expertise.

It’s important to always be on the lookout for how you can help others with your knowledge and expertise.

You’ll find that this will make people want to follow you more, like your content, and even comment in order to get advice from you!

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22. Don’t Stick to a Niche Right Away

You can never predict what will go viral on the app, and if you niche down too early, you’ll pigeonhole yourself into one audience.

When starting out on TikTok I recommend making a variety of content with different formats and topics to test things out before settling in.

If something works well after some testing then stick with it!

23. Make It so That Some Parts of the Video Need to Be Rewatched

There is an art to creating videos that are consumed on TikTok.

If you make a video where some parts are too fast for someone to read, watch, or understand on the first viewing then they will rewatch it and spend more time with your content which signals TikTok’s algorithm as better quality, in turn, getting shown to more people.

24. Tell a Story

It’s no secret that a good dance video can go viral, but what about stories? TikTok videos which tell the story of an event are most likely to be shared and passed around.

The best way to ensure your message is heard on social media is through storytelling.

Your audience will love hearing all about you- whether it’s just something funny that happened with friends or sharing some random moment in nature from your day.

25. Respond to All Your Comments

The more comments a video has, the higher chance it’ll go viral. This is especially true if you’re able to engage with commenters and get them to continue commenting on your video.

However, you don’t want to respond too quickly as that will lead to you being blocked from replying for 24 hours!

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26. Have Text on the Opening Video Frame

Short and sweet, videos with text will likely get more watch time than those without.

This is because it has been proven that people are inclined to read what they see on screen before clicking away from the video or scrolling down their feed.

If you have a compelling story then your viewers may be convinced enough by the first few seconds of your clip to stay for much longer!

27. Do Something Slightly Controversial

People are always looking for ways to get their opinion out there and share it with others, so if you have a topic that is controversial then people will jump in.

You don’t need to be doing anything wrong; just find the topics where other people are divided on how they feel about, something like whether ketchup should go on eggs or not?

And while at first, we might think this would lead us nowhere but frustration, as long as you embrace your haters who disagree with what’s going down by letting them voice their thoughts too – just know that those same folks could help make your video go viral!

28. Collaborate

While TikTok is a great platform for self-expression, it’s not always easy to get views without collaborating with other creators.

Find those who share your interests and engage in collaborations that make sense!

29. Leave Some Questions Unanswered

People love to comment on videos, and those comments are more likely to be good or funny if you don’t spell it out for them.

One way of making sure your video gets lots of attention is not answering the questions that people will have as soon as they watch it – instead let them come up with their own answers!

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In conclusion, how to go viral on TikTok is not as simple as making a video that has the right topic.

There are many factors that influence how well you will do and how much attention your videos receive.

With some experimentation and creativity, you’ll be able to discover how to go viral on TikTok with ease.

A good starting point is figuring out how your personality fits into the platform and then making content that matches!

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