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See Who Blocked You on Twitter-How to Check Who Blocked You

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    It doesn’t matter if you broke up with someone, they deleted their account or you just plain out don’t like them.

    When you are blocked on Twitter, it leaves a void in your life that can only be filled by finding out who blocked you.

    Thankfully, there’s a way to find out who blocked you on Twitter.

    From looking through your tweets for any mutual friends that might have the answer.

    This article will give you the means to know who blocked you on Twitter as well as what the repercussions are.

    What Does Blocked on Twitter Mean?

    See Who Blocked You on Twitter

    Blocking someone on Twitter means they will no longer see any tweets, retweets, or mentions from you on their timeline.

    This includes new followers too- so not only is it possible to see who has decided to block your account but also find out how many people are missing!

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    How to find out who blocked you on Twitter

    Twitter has no option to view the complete list of people who blocked you.

    The only thing that you can do is search for the person’s profile who may have blocked your account.

    If they did, their name will not come up in any alerts or searches which would indicate they had successfully blocked your account from following them on Twitter.

    You can find out by searching their (@username). If they indeed blocked you, you will see a notification “you’re blocked”

    How to find out who blocked you on Twitter

    What Happens When You Get Blocked on Twitter

    As you see, it is not that hard to see who blocked you on Twitter.

    As your access has been revoked, all their tweets will appear without showing the profile picture or username.

    You can see them by following any mutual friends they might have and see whether or not they are following someone else.

    What you won’t see on Twitter if you are blocked by someone

    • In spite of how much you might miss someone, if they’ve blocked you on Twitter there are a few things to which one is privy.
    • First and foremost: You won’t see any notification from the account of that person if you are blocked by them.
    • Furthermore, you cannot contact them nor can you follow them.
    • To confirm whether this describes your situation go visit the profile page of whoever you feel may have blocked you.
    • If they have truly blocked you you will see the “you’re blocked” message.

    What Happens When You Block a Twitter Account

    Blocking someone doesn’t just mean they can no longer see your posts, it also means that you won’t be able to follow them anymore.

    If the person is following you before being blocked, he or she will automatically unfollow and stop seeing any of your future content if they are still on this list.

    I understand blocking someone might not always seem like a good idea.

    But there may come a time when doing so could save some embarrassment for both parties involved!

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    11 Reasons Why It May Be Necessary to Block Users on Twitter

    1 – Abuse

    If you see a particular user who is simply using your account to send threats, abuse, or harass others, it may be time to block this person.

    2 – Embarrassment

    It can be extremely embarrassing for companies and individuals alike when someone starts making fun of your business or product on Twitter.

    Sometimes all that’s needed is to block them….forever!

    3 – Personal attacks

    If specific users are targeting you with personal attacks and relating incidents in their life that have nothing whatsoever to do with you.

    Blocking them might be the best way to diffuse the situation without entering into any sort of public spat online!

    4 – Bullying

    In today’s society bullying has become such a big problem among teens and adults alike that it has been reported bullying is the No. 1 cause of suicide among teens in America.

    If this is an issue you are concerned about, may see TweetDeck’s built-in blocking tools that help combat the problem of constant abuse toward certain users.

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    5 – Spammers

    There are people who see Twitter as a way to make money and spam can be one of the easiest ways to do so when dealing with online marketing and advertising such as yourself.


    Whether they also use bots for security or posting is not important.

    If you see spam on your timeline, simply block them from following along!

    6 – Wrong/Inaccurate Information

    Twitter has recently released a new update where any tweets seen on their website will automatically be shown on the user profile page as well.

    Although this is a good way to see any future tweets or posts from your favorite accounts.

    It can also confuse and worry others who believe you have changed any of your information such as phone numbers or email addresses!

    7 – False Accusations

    I cannot even begin to tell you how many times people see news about someone and automatically spread false accusations all over their Twitter timeline.

    Whether they are referencing an article that isn’t true, an account of an event that didn’t happen-or just saying outright lies- sometimes the easiest way to protect yourself is by simply blocking them!

    8 – Stalkers

    Online Stalking

    There are plenty of people who will see something interesting happening in your life and choose to follow you so they see if you post any new updates.

    Even if they are not a threat or bothering you, it can be quite annoying to see them keep checking in on your profile daily!

    9 – Spreading False Information

    By now we have all seen those news organizations who will take something and twist it for their own benefit.

    Whether it be an article about a celebrity or simply “breaking news”, sometimes one of the best things to do is see what others are saying by blocking certain users from viewing any posts you make on Twitter.

    10 – A Public Breakup

    Let’s face it when people break up they get extremely upset and vent their anger online.

    Whether they contact friends or see how many “likes” they can receive from gossips.

    A Public Breakup

    Sometimes blocking them is the best option available to see if you two can work things out in person.

    11 – Anonymity

    If you are a public figure or love participating in Twitter events, it may be important for users to see your tweets but not see any personal information on their timeline!

    Blocking is a great way to see all of their replies while preventing anyone else from seeing details such as your current location and who you’re following.

    See How Many Users Have Blocked You on Twitter?

    Twitter, as we’ve mentioned is a pretty subtle app.

    Neither will it let you know when someone has blocked you nor will it tell you how many users have chosen to remove your posts from their feed.

    Capitalizing on the situation, Blolook comes in handy and tells its customers exactly how many people are blocking them on this platform by simply logging into an account with Twitter.

    See How Many Users Have Blocked You on Twitter

    To find out the statistic – which can be really helpful for anyone who wants more followers or likes – all they need to do is log in through Twitter!

    What Can You Do When Someone Blocks You on Twitter?

    You might see a message which reads ‘user blocked’ on your Twitter app or website but don’t panic!

    Remember, the user who blocked you may simply not want to see your content as yet see all other tweets that are posted by people they follow on this site.

    The best thing about blocking is that it can be reversed if both the parties agree and see a need to make amends.

    Try to find out what offended them and see if you can see eye to eye at all.

    If not, it is best to leave them be and see how things progress later on!


    If you’re looking for a way to see how many people have blocked you on Twitter.

    The best thing to do is log in and see through your timeline.

    If they decide to unblock you or see if there’s any chance of reconciliation down the road, it won’t be too hard!

    You can also take steps to prevent someone from blocking you again by not posting anything that could offend them.

    Knowing who blocked you on Twitter can also allow you to see if they are being affected in any way by your tweets.

    Moving forward, see why it is important that they’ve chosen to keep their social media account private from a certain person or group.