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How to get 71k likes on a single Instagram post with just 15k followers

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    Best Instagram hashtag strategy for 2021

    If you’ve been struggling with hashtags on Instagram for a long time this is for you.

    I usually get this complaint a lot, people telling me they can’t get any reach or impressions from hashtags.

    Having a working hashtag strategy is something that most Instagram marketers struggled with at some point.

    Hashtags are one of the BEST ways to get exposure on your account, especially if your account is small.

    When you use the right tags you can rank in the top hashtags page and get 1 million impressions from just hashtags racking up more than 71k likes on a single photo with only about 15k Followers!

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    best hashtags strategy 2020

    So what’s the best Instagram strategy that’ll get you results like these?

    Start with sourcing for hashtags you can actually rank in (that’s key), that are niche-specific, and where your content looks like it would fit in with 10k to 200k post counts.

    1. Make your first 10 hashtags between the range of 10- 100k
    2. The second 10 hashtags 100k to 1 million post counts.
    3. Last set of tags is 1 million +

    The last set is key picking tags you would never think you would rank in like #beautiful or #adventure

    In a set of 30 hashtags how many do you use between 10-100k, how many between 100-1M, and how many over a million?

    I try to break it up, I would start with 10 each

    If you hit these hashtags correctly, your post can go massively viral and collect as many as the one shown in the screenshot above, over 1 million impressions just from hashtags.

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    So How Do You Find Niche-Specific Hashtags?

    I use to generate my hashtags because it’s so much easier to work with, saves time, and gives me very customized ones.

    You can also manually find relevant hashtags by following these steps:

    1. Go to the search bar in your explore feed
    2. Click the search bar, then click over to the “TAGS” tab
    3. Type in the name of your niche
    4. Click on the 10th search option
    5. Search the “related” option row at the top
    6. Click and browse for Low Post Count Tags
    7. Save Tag in spreadsheet/doc for later use

    Don’t expect results immediately.

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    Consistency is the Only real Algorithm Hack and it always has been.
    Instagram rewards consistent pages with the luxury of rapid growth, special privileges, and building highly engaged audiences.

    Try this out, and let me know how it goes! If you have questions or thoughts, just leave them in the comments section.

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    Until next time!