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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story in 2023

Instagram is a constantly evolving app. Users post, comment on, and like photos every day – it’s the social network of our time!

One question that has been asked by many Instagram users over the years: “When I take a screenshot will they get notified?“.

Is it true that when you take a screenshot on Instagram, the person who posted will get notified? Here’s what you need to know about taking screenshots on this social media platform.

Will Users Be Notified When You Screenshot a Story on Instagram?

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story

While using Instagram, you often come across the content you may wish to forward to other users, which means you need to screenshot the specific story, post, or DM.

You, however, are faced with the dilemma of whether Instagram notifies people when you screenshot.

In Feb 2018, Instagram started notifying people every time their Instagram stories were screenshotted.

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While this has always been a common Snapchat feature, it was quite peculiar for Instagram users. This meant that stalking days were over.

Even worse, it was a test, which meant that only a sample of users would get these notifications.

Well, 4 months later, Instagram has decided the feature would not be released.

The company declined to comment but it seems the feature was not thought to be worth the potential backlash, had it been rolled out to all users.

So, in this regard, you’re safe to screenshot friends’ stories.

When You Screenshot a Picture Someone Has Dm’d You, Instagram Will Notify Them

You should, however, be careful with DMs, they are quite a different lot altogether.

Instagram does send notifications if you screenshot a disappearing photo or a video they have sent you as a direct message (DMs).

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How to Screenshot on the Dm Without Alerting the Owner

There are 2 sneaky ways of screenshotting on a DM without alerting the owner.

1.Activate the airplane mode on your phone, then open the photo (or video) you wish to screenshot.

Take a screenshot and close the Instagram app completely.

When you have done this it’s safe to switch the airplane mode back off.

2.Use the Instagram desktop site instead of the app to screenshot pictures within your DM.

Log on to on either your desktop or phone.

While this method works, it has a bad user interphase

Does Instagram Notify When You Screen Record

The answer is NO! Instagram won’t notify when you screen record videos on posts, stories, or even DMs.

This will offer you a secret avenue to capture personal stories on Instagram.

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You can also take screenshots of these already screen-recorded videos.

It’s important to mention that you should consider the sender’s privacy if the content is sensitive in nature.

On the same note, If you’re worried about strangers misusing your photos and videos, you can protect your account by switching to a private profile.

To turn your Instagram profile private, go into the Settings, and switch on the Private Account option.

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Your existing followers won’t be affected by this, hence it’s best to check your Followers list to ensure only the people you know have access to your gallery.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Instagram’s Close Friends feature. That lets you share your stories with a specific set of users while keeping your profile publicly visible.

You can configure the list by tapping the Close Friends option located in your profile’s hamburger menu. In the Your List tab, add or remove your close friends.

When you’re done, you will have a new green option before publishing a new story. Enable it to share the story only with users in your Close Friends list.

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Does Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot a Post?

No, Instagram does not notify when you screenshot a post.

This is another one of the concerns users that were used to how Snapchat works had.

Why Screenshot on Instagram?


There are numerous reasons you may wish to screenshot on Instagram, they include but are not limited to:-

  1. Avoid going back and forth between multiple recipes – screenshot and swipe!
  2. Save a picture to use as wallpaper on your phone
  3. Save gift ideas
  4. Help someone understand something
  5. Help remember something
  6. Save great ideas to remember later
  7. Share ridiculous things you see on social media with a friend (we all do it – admit it!)
  8. Remember to share something later
  9. Repost a Photo of the Day challenge
  10. Quickly save information about great products you find
  11. Save craft ideas to try later
  12. Take a photo of your calendar’s “to do” list for the day
  13. Get proof of something
  14. Remember great products you see for sale so you can attempt to make your own later
  15. Save lists you commonly refer to, like exercise challenges
  16. Showing a problem you’re having to a friend when asking for help

Whichever your reason, ensure you do so with individuals’ privacy in mind. Similarly, ensure your actions does more good than harm. Good luck!

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