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Best Instagram Hashtags Generator to Get More Likes and Followers

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What’s a Hashtag Generator for Instagram?

A hashtag generator is a tool (app/website) that can help one to generate relevant hashtags for use on their Instagram posts.

You probably understand how crucial using hashtags on your Instagram is for getting your content a wider reach.

It’s not enough to throw in 30 hashtags in your post and expect to reach a wider audience. You’ll need to find relevant hashtags that YOUR account can rank for.

To beat the Instagram algorithm and rank our posts for as many hashtags as possible, we’re going to create a mixture of hashtags with less competition, medium completion, and hashtags with high competition.

By gradually ranking for those hashtags with low competition, we’ll be able to rank for bigger hashtags as well.

Today, we’re going to discuss the tools that can help you find the right hashtags for your Instagram account.

What’s the Best Hashtag Generator for Instagram?

So, there are plenty of hashtag tools available on the web today, some are completely free to use while some cost a small fee.

The difference between the free hashtag tools and the premium ones is that the free ones will only generate random hashtags that relate to your niche.

On the other hand, premium hashtag tools like will help you generate custom hashtags that you can rank for.

Let’s start by looking at how Metahashtags work.

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A Quick Review of

To show this tool works, let’s take a random niche Instagram account with a relatively small number of followers and see what hashtags this account can rank for and reach more users.

I randomly picked @beautifull_beau_kangal which has a little over 8k followers and gets 200-300 likes per post.

Metahashtags allows you to generate hashtags in two ways as follows:

  1. typing in a hashtags
  2. typing in the username of the account you want to create hashtags for

We’re going to start with the second option.

Enter the username in the correct format (with an ‘@’ in front) and hit Generate hashtags!

PS: you can do the same for your closest competition and collect their best hashtags.

instagram hashtags generator

Metahashtags will analyze your Instagram account for hashtags that relate to your account and that you’re most likely to rank your posts for.

What’s more, it offers you some important data about your account, including your engagement rate, average likes, and average comments.

You can also see some important data about the hashtags that relate to your account, such as:

  • the number of posts
  • posts per hour
  • highest likes and
  • the lowest number of likes

From here, you can select the hashtags that best match the content you’re about to post.

Check the boxes on the left and your list of hashtags will be created on the right of your computer screen.

Another strategy that I found to work well is to select the hashtags with few posts per hour.

An example here is, the hashtag #kangal is posted about 17 times per hour while the hashtag #kangaldog is posted 3100 times per hour.

Here, #kangal will stay exposed longer than #kangaldog because the former will quickly be pushed down and disappear from the hashtags page.

So in this case, I would definitely go with the hashtag that’s posted fewer times per hour.

I would also avoid general hashtags like #love because it’s less niche targeted.

This is a great way of using hashtags to grow your Instagram.

Once you have selected the hashtags that suit your post the most, Metahashtags gives you three options to either save this list, export them in a CSV file, copy, and paste them somewhere else.

list of hashtags generated

Also, the list will not disappear when you close your browser or log out of Metahashtags.

Saving the list simply helps in organizing your hashtags especially if you’re running different accounts in different niches.

There are 2 other great features on that I’d like us to take a quick look at:

  1. Hashtag Rank Tracker
  2. Banned Hashtags

Let’s start with the first.

Hashtag Rank Tracker

This feature allows you to track how well your hashtags are performing/ranking. You only need to select it and add your account.

hashtag rank traker

By tracking your hashtags, you’ll be able to see the ones that you’re ranking best for and prioritize those next time you’re publishing a new post.

This is one way of finding hashtags that will increase your engagement and get you more followers.

The next important feature is the banned hashtags checker.

Banned Instagram Hashtags Checker

Sometimes your posts may not be ranking because you’re using hashtags that Instagram has banned.

This is why it’s necessary to have a tool that you can run your hashtags on and remove the ones that are banned on Instagram so that you’re left with only the clean ones.

list of banned instagram hashtags generator

On, you may select Banned Hashtags from the drop-down menu and paste your list of hashtags, and hit Check & Clean.

They also have in their database a huge list of banned hashtags that you can see by hitting ‘Show list of banned hashtags’.

One last example: Let’s test out the second option of generating hashtags by finding some good hashtags for the photography niche and some for the wedding niche.

Wedding Photography Hashtags for Instagram

Metashtag took a minute to find me some of the best and also offered some important data to go with. I’ll select some based on the number of posts published per hour.

You can also do the same by clicking Post/hour on the menu.

best instagram hashtags for wedding photographers

Here are some of the best wedding hashtags for photographers in my selection:

#weddingphotographer #groom #weddingband #weddingphotographyideas #weddinglove #weddingblogger #weddinglook #bridesmaidhair #brideinspiration #bridehair #weddinginspirations #weddingidea #weddingflorals #weddinghairstyle #brideoftheday #weddingportrait #bridalinspo #weddingpictures #weddingdesigner #bridalhairstyle #weddingdesign #weddingdecorations #weddingrings #weddingplanners #weddingvenue #weddingfashion #weddingtime #dreamwedding #weddingreception #instabride

In less than a minute, I’ve found 30 hashtags that have decent post counts, and all were published at less than 35 posts/hour.

wedding photography hashtags

When you rank for these, it will be easier to rank for the ones in high competition.

We’ve also tested a few other top Instagram hashtags generators such as and Ingramer.

They both have decent features but I find a lot easier to work with and I’m also getting the best results from it.

Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.