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If You Leave the Tiktok Creator Fund Can You Join Back?

Rejoining the Creator Fund Program

There’s a lot of chatter going around about whether it’s worth joining the TikTok Creator Fund. Many users have reported that when they joined the program, their views suddenly dropped significantly.

Others have claimed that their views went up when they joined the Creator Fund program. Wouldn’t it make more sense for TikTok to increase your reach when you join the program because if you’re making more money they should be making more as well?

So, while there seems to be no consensus about whether joining the program negatively or positively affects your views, and TikTok denying it changes anything, the question arises, can you join back the Creator Fund after quitting the program?

The simple answer is yes! You can rejoin the program if you change your mind.

Rejoining the program once you’ve left is actually pretty straightforward although it doesn’t happen instantly. When you decide to get back in the program there’s a button that says Re-apply on the confirmation page that you can click for the approval process to begin.

The approval period is usually shorter for creators who are rejoining the program than for those looking to join for the first time.

If You Leave the Creator Fund Program Will You Lose Your ‘pending’ Money?

This is a concern for many creators who are dissatisfied with their experience in the program and want to quit but don’t know if TikTok will pay the pending balance they’ve earned from their views.

will i get paid if i leave the creator fund program

If you leave the Creator Fund, you’ll still be able to withdraw the earnings you’ve accrued up until the day you quit. So, if you decide to leave today, you can withdraw all your earnings 30 days from now as long as you’ve reached the minimum requirement of $100.

If you haven’t reached the minimum withdrawal balance, you may want to wait a little longer before quitting the program, or you could simply choose to forfeit the amount if you’re not too concerned about it.

Will Your Views Return after Leaving the Program?

Most people have reported that their views went back up when they left the Creator Fund.

views returned after leaving creator fund

Others have reported that their views remained low even after leaving the Creator Fund. The TikTok algorithm remains mysterious in the way it is programmed to do things. One thing may work a certain way for some, and turn out completely different for some.

I suppose the way to go here is to leave the program and see if that’ll help get your views back. A trick that I’ve seen some use to jumpstart their reach was to boost their videos with some views and likes and that worked for them.

How Long Does It Take for Your Views to Return?

will my views return when i leave the creator fund program

As mentioned earlier, TikTok is very unpredictable in the way it operates. Some have had their views return to normal only a few days after leaving the program while others claim they’ve waited more than two months but their views remain low.

If you’ve been waiting for a couple of months and can’t afford to wait any longer, your only other option would be to boost the next videos you upload, and hopefully, your views will pick back up.

I hope this helped a little but you can always leave your questions in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.