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4 Best Instagram Mass Story Viewer Tools in 2023

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    4 Top Instagram Mass Story Viewer Tools: Which One to Use?

    This blog post discusses how to use Instagram Mass Story Viewer, why they’re important, and which Instagram Mass Story Viewer tools are best.

    So if you want to learn everything there is about this topic, then just keep reading!

    Instagram is a great way to market your business and connect with your followers.

    But in order to do that, you need to create engaging content that will keep them coming back for more.

    And one of the best ways to generate high-quality engagement on Instagram is by using an Instagram Mass Story Viewer.

    What Is Mass Story Viewing on Instagram?

    Instagram mass story viewing or mass looking is a pro-Instagram promotion technique that allows you to attract a new audience by mass watching the stories in bulk.

    It enables you to expand your reach and grow your Instagram account exponentially.

    Mass story viewing sometimes referred to as mass looking, is a way of Instagram promotion that allows you to attract a new audience by watching their stories in bulk automatically.

    Instagram mass story viewing can be used in two ways:

    1. Expand your reach. You can use Instagram mass story viewing to watch stories of your followers in order to keep reminding them about your account and content, thereby increasing your Instagram reach.
    2. Profile visits growth. Once you use Instagram mass story viewing users who don’t follow you will see your account in their story viewers list and will be inclined to start following you. this will increase your followers.

    Is It Worth Using Instagram Mass Story Viewing Service?

    In order to increase your followers and keep up with the ever-changing growth environment, one might find a service like Instagram mass story viewing worth the time and money.

    Moreover, it’s a cheaper growth method than paid influencer method and you can still make your account grow with a small budget.

    Best Instagram Mass Story Viewer Tool: Which One to Use?

    Choosing between many possible tools is not an easy task, but it’s doable with some careful research on your part.

    Let’s take advantage of all we have learned so far about how.

    The following are our 4 best Instagram Mass Story Viewer Tools:

    1. 4k Stogram Instagram Story Viewer

    4k Stogram

    4k storogram is a free tool that is used to download Instagram videos, photos, and stories from both private and public accounts.

    It’s available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

    On the tool, stories are marked with a dotted circle that when tapped shows you whether it’s an image, boomerang, or a video.

    4k storogram will help you view stories anonymously.

    Other features include being able to back up your Instagram account, and download photos and videos from both private and public Instagram accounts.

    You will also be able to see other users’ feeds as your own without following their followings.

    You can also subscribe to users’ locations or hashtags within the tool and get all content associated with the particular account.

    4k Storogram Pros

    Mass Story Saving.

    You can download all desired content from a story and save it for future use. you can also download multiple stories from different Instagram accounts simultaneously.


    The tool provides an anonymous mode of viewing any user’s stories without their knowledge whatsoever.

    You can spy on any user, and view their stories and photos without them knowing.

    Download New Story Updates Automatically.

    Once you subscribe to downloading future story updates, the tool will perform an auto-download as soon st they are uploaded.

    View Other Accounts’ Feeds.

    You will be able to view all the account’s story feed and photos.

    You can also view all stories from a specific user or group of users at once, download them in batch mode and save it for future use.

    Ad-free Instagram Feed Viewing.

    4k storogram will allow you to view all posts and stories without the usual annoying advertisements.

    Instagram Highlights Download.

    You are able to save all content on the highlights including the highlight icons

    Download Instagram Saved Posts.

    You can save all posts you wish on your computer for future viewing.

    Save Hashtag and Location Content.

    You can download all posts tagged with particular Instagram hashtags and their locations.

    Instagram Posts Saving.

    4k storogram will enable you to mass download photos and videos with their original captions in high resolution.

    Private Instagram Accounts Access.

    4k storogram tool will allow you to download highlights, stories videos, and photos from the private Instagram account that you follow.

    Instagram Account Backup.

    You can create a full backup of all your content in case your Instagram account gets banned.

    Pricing: Free Starter,$9.95 Personal and $30 Pro.

    4K Stogram Pricing

    2. Combin Instagram Mass Story Viewer (Recommended)

    Combin Instagram Mass Story Viewer

    Combin is an Instagram marketing tool for audience management, targeting, analysis, and engagement.

    It’s a desktop application for Mass Story Viewing or mass looking.

    Combin is a specialized tool that will allow you to view stories of your Instagram target accounts and increase your followers.

    Combin tool will view the selected account’s stories at a natural/ human-like pace in order to stay under Instagram algorithms’ radar.

    Combin is much more than just your average Instagram story viewer tool.

    It’s a comprehensive Instagram growth and marketing software.

    Combin Pro’s

    Mass Instagram Story viewing.

    Combin will allow you to story-view with maximum efficiency.

    Combin is a story viewer bot that can mass view for you and gain you, new followers, while staying under the Instagram algorithm’s radar.

    This guarantees your account security from the Instagram ban.

    Mass Liking, Following, and Commenting.

    With Combin, you can automate all the monotonous actions like Bulk-follow, unfollow, like, and comment.

    This will ease your workload and give you ample time to focus on content creation.

    Instagram audience search.

    Combin will use relevant hashtags and geolocation to target potential Instagram accounts within your niche.

    It will also pinpoint and target your competitor’s followers.

    Analyze Instagram Accounts.

    Combin will help you analyze spam accounts that are unlikely to give you value and filter them out in order to focus on real followers that are interested in your content/brand.

    Filtering and Sorting Options.

    Combin also enables you to sort and filter.

    For instance, Sort by date will make the newest content show at the top of the window.

    Sort by likes and sort by comments will reorder the results to show the hottest, most liked and commented posts first.

    Detect Who Doesn’t Follow Back.

    Combin comes with a feature to detect users that don’t follow you.

    You can then use the mass-unfollow tool to purge them out of your account.

    Growth and Performance Statistics.

    You will be able to track the progress of your Instagram account’s growth over a period of time.

    This will offer insights into areas that need improvements.

    Multiple Instagram Accounts Management.

    Combin offers up to 15 accounts management.

    The tool is vital for individuals as well as social media management entities that manage lots of Instagram accounts for their clients.

    Permanent Free Version Availability.

    Combin Instagram Mass Story Viewer gives major functionalities for free without asking for credit card information.

    You are at liberty to upgrade as the need arises.

    Pricing: Free starter, $15 Personal and $30 Business

    combin pricing

    3. Qoob Stories

    Qoob Stories

    Qoob Stories is a relatively new Instagram story viewer tool.

    It’s a smart Instagram Story Viewer bot that allows you to save highlights, stories, videos as well as photos from both private and public accounts.

    Qoob Stories Pros

    Instagram Story Viewing & Downloading

    Qoob Stories lets you view Instagram Stories from both private and public accounts from the comfort of your desktop.

    All you have to do is enter the usernames of target accounts and start watching and saving stories on your hard drive.

    Instagram Video & Photo Download

    With Qoob Stories you get to download posts in high-quality and popular formats.

    You’re also able to save video and photo content from Instagram accounts, hashtags, and geolocations.

    Instagram Post Captions Saving

    Qoob Stories allows you to download Instagram posts with their original captions.

    Automatic New Content Download

    You can add favorite accounts to the Qoob Stories IG viewer in order to download their current and future content.

    This will ensure any new content is automatically saved to your desktop

    Price: Free Starter plan, $7/month for Personal plan, $25/month for Professional plan.

    Qoob Stories pricing

    4. Ingramer


    Ingramer is an Instagram marketing tool that helps you get more followers, likes, and comments on your posts.

    It’s a marketing automation tool that automates most of the process for you behind the scenes – from scheduling to targeting with hashtags.

    Ingramer Instagram Mass Story Viewer will help you download photos and videos which can then be used for entertainment or marketing purposes.

    Ingramer account viewing feature is primarily designed to access information about clients, influencers, or competitors in order to gain an edge in Instagram marketing.

    Ingramer is useful in attracting users and building a loyal community. It’s also a good post scheduler, you can schedule all content for the entire month in about 6 hours.

    Ingramer will then automatically do the posting as you have directed

    The tool is mainly used to interact with customers, send messages, and make your posts on Instagram.

    It is good for making schedules and looking at what hashtags people are using.

    Ingramer has an integrated Instagram live streaming feature that can be linked up with other features such as polls, interactive captions, or filters.


    Photo and video downloader

    Automated marketing process with hashtags, polls, and captions

    Scheduled posting

    AI-Generated hashtags

    Stories viewer

    Integrated Instagram live streaming feature {with interactive features such as polls}

    Tips to Increase Instagram Stories Views


    The first tip is to use hashtags when posting on Instagram Stories in order to grow your following and get higher search rankings on result pages.

    This will allow you to access new users that are not currently followers or friends but have similar interests.

    Premium hashtag tools like will help you generate custom hashtags that you can rank for.

    Link up to Other Tools like the Polls

    The second tip is to link up to other tools like the polling system from Insta live streaming in order to create a story that can be interactive and engaging.

    When you post these polls at different times of day, it will allow for better engagement on both posts because people are checking their stories throughout the day rather than just during prime time hours when everyone else logs onto Instagram.

    Encourage Audience Interactions

    The 3rd tip is to ensure you encourage audience interactions.

    Take advantage of Instagram Stories engagement opportunities by asking your followers to “DM me for a direct link to this product!”

    You can also request that people tag other friends in the comments and have those people vote on different things, such as how they would spend a day with you or what kind of dog breed is best.

    These are just some ideas but it’s up to you if you want to go this route.

    The more interaction there is between storyteller and viewer, the better chance of getting higher Instagram story views on Instagram mass story posts.

    Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

    Adding links to your Instagram stories is a great way to help promote your latest posts.

    We all know that the newest post always ranks higher on Instagram and getting people over there can be challenging,

    but by adding links to your stories you are effectively sending them right where they need to go!

    If you have an offer for the purchase or another content source, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so as well.

    For example: Hi everyone! I hope today has been just wonderful — my shop is finally open! please head on over (link)to take advantage of our amazing deals before it’s too late.

    Create Instagram Stories Ads

    Creating Instagram stories ads is a great strategy for promoting your products or services.

    It allows you to showcase a limited-time offer, and it can be used as a teaser for more information on the website or with an email campaign.

    When people scroll through their Instagram stories feed, they will see your story directly in front of them instead of being buried further back in their notifications – giving you greater exposure!

    If someone wants to learn more about what we’re talking about here then please click (link)here where I go into detail on how this works.

    Keep Track of Your Progress with Instagram stories Analytics

    Instagram stories analytics gives you insights into your story performance.

    It measures metrics such as the total number of impressions, engagements, and average views by type of viewer (private or public) for your current story.

    The insights it provides are invaluable to companies who want to use Instagram stories in their marketing strategy.

    Analytics will give you a better understanding of what works best with your audience which leads to higher engagement rates!


    We hope this blog has gone out of its way to help you know the Best Instagram Mass Story Viewer.

    Depending on associated features with the plan, use either 4k storogram or Combin Instagram Mass Story Viewer.

    We have tested both and found them useful as well as safe to prevent your account from the Instagram ban.

    Feel free to explore the other features of these Instagram Mass Story Viewer tools by clicking on their demo video or website.

    Leave us a comment in the comment section and let us know what you think.

    Till next time!