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Instagram Reels not Showing: Why and How to Fix It

Over the past few years, there has been an exodus of social media platforms. Starting from Facebook, the world of social media has undergone a drastic change in the last decade.

What was once a luxury has now become a portal for entertainment, information, and business for many.

One such social media platform is Instagram. Just like Facebook, Instagram currently has over a million active users worldwide. What makes Instagram so popular is its various features for community engagement.

Following the ban of TikTok, Instagram was quick to seize the opportunity to come out with its version, called the Instagram Reels.

Just like TikTok, Reels allow you to make short videos using different music, video effects, transitions, and so on. However, since Reels came into existence, many users have reported their Instagram reels not showing.

Despite numerous tries, users have reported that the problem still consists.

If you, too, have a similar concern, then we have you covered. This article will walk you through every possible fix to help solve the Instagram reels not showing issues on your phone.

Instagram Reels not showing

How to Get Reels Option on Instagram

As mentioned above, many users have reported their Instagram reels not showing up when they try to access them. Now, there could be various reasons why you are facing this problem.

Although numerous reasons could cause the “Instagram reels not showing up” issue, several fixes are designed explicitly against the same.

Here are some possible fixes on how to get reels on Instagram.

1. Update Instagram

It is never a good idea to run an outdated version of any application whatsoever.

At times, there could be a bug in the current version of the app you are using, which is why your Instagram reels are not showing up.

Updates are primarily released to take care of user-reported bugs and crashes. Hence, you need to update Instagram at once using the following steps.

  • Launch Play Store/ App Store
  • Type Instagram in the search bar
  • Click on the option which reads Update
  • Wait for the update to finish

Once the application has been updated, relaunch the application to check if the issue has been resolved.

2. Look for Instagram at other Locations

Often, we tend to jump to conclusions without figuring out the root cause of the problem. Know that you can access Instagram reels from different locations.

Other places to look for Instagram reels, as recommended by Devsjournal, include Instagram Camera, Reels from other User Profiles & while uploading Instagram Stories.

You can look for Instagram reels at the following locations.

  • Tap on the reel icon in the center of the Instagram navigation bar.
  • Click on the “+” icon on your Instagram home screen and select the reels option. Reels Instagram
  • Click on the “+” icon on your Instagram stories and select the reels option.
  • Access Instagram reels from a different user profile.
  • Swipe right on your Instagram to open the Instagram camera and select the reels option on the bottom tab.

3. Share Reels from a different Account

At times, the issue could be from your end instead of a technical one. If you don’t have the Instagram reels enabled on your account, you’ll need to access reels from a different account.

Follow the given steps once you have an Instagram account with reels enabled on it.

  • Share any Instagram reel with a reel option enabled to your account via DM.
  • Remix the reel using the option given
  • Record a short video (5 secs)
  • Next, tap on the X icon at the top left corner
  • Select Discard Video
  • This will now bring you in the regular reels camera
  • Here, you can record and upload a regular reel
  • Upon uploading a reel, you now have access to the reels camera on the upper right corner of your Instagram home screen.

4. Clear Instagram Cache and Data

The cache refers to the user data that tend to pile up over the years. All this piled-up data leads to a drained blockage which can cause the app to malfunction or stop working altogether.

Your phone will now clear all Instagram cache and data. Note that you’ll have to re-login into your Instagram account once you have done this step.

5. Reinstall Instagram

As we mentioned earlier, a bug in the current app version could be why Instagram reels are not showing. As a result, updating the app can solve it.

However, some bugs are persistent enough and cannot be solved via updates. In such cases, your best bet is uninstalling the app and then reinstalling Instagram.

Before you reinstall, you need to uninstall Instagram using the following steps.

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Application manager
  • Locate and select Instagram
  • Click on the option which reads Uninstall
  • Your phone will now uninstall the app from your device.

Follow the given steps to reinstall Instagram.

  • Launch Google Play Store
  • Type Instagram on the search box at the top & Click on Instagram
  • Next, click Install

6. Update Your Phone

Your smartphone manufacturer rolls out periodic updates. The majority of these updates comprise bug fixes and take care of other problems. To update your phone, follow the given steps.

  • Launch Settings
  • Locate and select About
  • Tap on System Updates
  • If there is an update available, click on Download and Install

Wait for the phone to finish updating. Upon completion, your phone will automatically restart. Now, launch Instagram to check if the problem still exists.

7. Report the Problem

Although you have applied all the steps and the problem persists, you’ll need to report the problem. To report the problem, follow the given steps.

  • Launch Instagram
  • Open Settings & Tap on Help
  • Select Report Problem Instagram Reels Problem
  • Describe your problem
  • Click Submit

In Closing:

There are numerous reasons why the reels option isn’t working on your phone.

From technical bugs arriving in your phone to an alleged violation on your Instagram account, anything can cause your Instagram reel not to show.

We are confident that at least one of the fixes mentioned above will help you fix this problem.