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Get More Instagram Story Views in 2023

Get More Instagram Story Views

Get More Instagram Story Views

Today I will share with you how to get more Instagram story views and engagement. Instagram Stories is a feature that lets people publish videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours.

Unlike your usual Instagram posts, Instagram stories don’t appear in the newsfeed, instead, the Instagram stories appear in a bar at the top of news feeds.

Once posted Instagram stories appear on the top of your Instagram newsfeed. They have a colorful ring around the profile picture of the person who published the story.

There are many benefits to using Instagram stories to market your business.

The first benefit is the fact that Instagram stories appear right at the top of people’s Instagram newsfeed which is prime real estate unlike posts that can be buried among many other posts’

The second benefit of Instagram stories for views is that they disappear after 24 hours which means you can use them to promote your business products services or events without cluttering your Instagram profile with promotional posts and if you have an Instagram business account,

Instagram story features include the Instagram story swipe and this feature gives you the ability to write on your story swipe up for link instead of saying click on the link in the bio as a call to action.

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Thanks to the Instagram story swipe up, people can automatically click on the link you want them to be redirected to instead of having to look for it in your bio.

Another benefit of using Instagram stories for views is that they can be much more engaging than standard posts because they are visual and you can add different types of effects and filters which makes your content much more interesting to viewers.

Plus because Instagram stories for views disappear after 24 hours it incentivizes people to watch your story to avoid missing out because Instagram stories are time-sensitive.

Lastly creating Instagram stories for views will benefit you greatly because people prefer consuming content from brands in the Instagram stories format because they come across as more real, more authentic, more informal than standard posts.

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With Instagram stories for views, people can only engage with them by either watching the story, sending a personal message to the creator of the Instagram story, or swiping up to get redirected to the link and there is no option for them to like the Instagram story either.

In order to find out more information about the engagement, you’re receiving for your Instagram stories you need to first check your analytics.

By checking your Instagram analytics you’ll be able to find out more about what your audience’s interest is and adapt your content accordingly.

You can engage the popularity of your Instagram stories by clicking on the eyeball symbol on the bottom left-hand side that tells you how many people have viewed your story and their names.

The more Instagram stories views you’ve received the more engaging your story is.

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Check your analytics

For more detailed analytics you can click on the insights tab which looks like a graph then click on content and go to Instagram stories, there you’ll be able to see more specifics such as ‘forward’ which means the number of people who have fast-forwarded your Instagram stories.

If you feel this number is high it could mean that some of your content was not very interesting to them

‘Back’ means how many people rewound your Instagram stories to watch some sections again this is a positive indication.

‘Next story’ indicates the number of people who have skipped your story to watch someone else’s.

This indicates that your Instagram stories were not interesting or relevant to them and finally ‘exited’ refers to the people who have left your Instagram stories.

This could be because they followed your call-to-action which is positive engagement but it could also mean they just left your story because they didn’t want to continue watching.

Once you understand how your Instagram stories for views were consumed through analytics you’ll be able to adapt your Instagram stories accordingly If you notice a pattern.

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Vary your content

Get More Instagram Story Views in 2020

The other strategy to increase your Instagram stories views is varying your content.

It’s important to vary your content so you can test what performs better but also because you don’t want to become too predictable with your Instagram stories for views.

Some of your Instagram stories could be educational content such as sharing some tips and insights relevant to your audience.

For example, if you’re in the golf industry your Instagram stories for views could share the mistakes to avoid with golf swings.

Another type of Instagram story for views you could share is information about something you’d like your audience to check out.

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For example, if you published a blog post you like people to check out, your Instagram stories for views could be a summary of your blog post with a call-to-action inviting viewers to read the whole blog post.

Another popular type of Instagram story for views is behind-the-scenes footage and pictures to humanize your brand.

In other words, Instagram stories for views can act as an informal way to introduce members of your team in a more casual setting and provide an opportunity for people to learn more about you personally.

Another type of Instagram story for views you can create is a display of your products with demonstrations on how they work and what they do, this can be a good opportunity for people to discover your products in a more fun and engaging way.

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Take advantage of all the different features available

The other strategy to increase your Instagram stories’ views is taking advantage of all the different features available that allow you to enhance and customize your Instagram stories.

One of them is filters to turn your pictures and videos into more eye-catching visuals other features include location stickers, time stickers, gift stickers name stickers, and poll stickers.

So if relevant you can use any stickers to entice people to engage with your Instagram stories for views further. For example, you can use the poll Sticker to ask people for their opinion or answer a question.

Alternatively, you can add a location sticker to state the location of where your Instagram stories for views took place.

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Instagram stories also include the ability to draw on them by offering different pen styles and the ability to add text to Instagram stories for views with a choice of different text fonts so your Instagram stories for views can be understood visually even without sound therefore with a wide range of tools available to enhance your Instagram stories.

Make sure you take advantage of some to make your Instagram stories for views much more attention-grabbing but don’t go overboard as you don’t want to cut through your Instagram stories for views too much either.

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Watch the Instagram stories of your competitors

Another strategy to increase your Instagram story views is watching the Instagram stories of your competitors or the Instagram stories of people in the same industry and you.

If you notice that some types of Instagram stories tend to perform better, then try to create similar ones for your business.

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End your story with a strong call-to-action

Finally to increase your Instagram stories views and engagements further end your story with a strong call-to-action. It’s not enough to tell people to click on the link in the bio.

You need to emphasize why it’s important for them to click on the link in the bio and what the benefit is to them.

For example, your call to action could be ‘swipe up to get complimentary access to my brand new recipe book valued at $30 and discover over 50 delicious vegan recipes’.

This type of call to action is much more enticing than simply stating swipe up for more information.

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How to create and optimize your Instagram account

Now I’ll teach you how to create and optimize your Instagram account. If you don’t have an Instagram account yet I’ll show you how to create one and if you already have one I’ll show you how to optimize it.

First to create an Instagram account go to and just follow the prompts. Where it says sign up put your email address.

The email address has to be a unique email address that you haven’t used before to create an Instagram account and you have to have the login details of that email address because Instagram will be sending your emails to that email address that you provided.

So let’s say if one day you forget your password, Instagram will send you details and links to reset your password to that email address.

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So it’s really important that so you have access to that email address. Put your full name, so the full name is the name that will appear on the Instagram account.

It can either be your business name or it can be your brand name depending on what you want to promote.

If it’s your personal brand like for example Tony Robbins is a personal brand he put his name Tony Robbins but Starbucks for example which is a brand they put the name Starbucks so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to build your personal brand or your business brand.

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If you don’t like the username suggested you can change it. The username is what will go after

So that’s what will appear here, for example, the link to the Starbucks Instagram account is because that’s their username and then the password, create a password make sure that you remember it save it somewhere so you don’t forget it.

After this, click on sign up. The next step is to add a profile picture, ideally, you want your profile picture to be 180×180 pixels to displays well on mobile phones and on desktop computers.

Now in terms of profile pictures you have two choices if you’re not the face of the brand put a logo.

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