Pinterest hacks for faster growth;Pinterest hacks for faster growth (1)

Pinterest Growth Hacks for Faster Growth in 2023

Pinterest hacks for faster growth

Today I want to share with you the Pinterest marketing growth hacks to get discovered faster.

Getting discovered on Pinterest and getting your pins to stand out from all the noise can be tricky if you don’t implement a few strategies.

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Creating an eye-catching pin is no longer enough, you now have to also implement a few Pinterest marketing growth hacks. The first Pinterest marketing growth hack to help you get discovered is:

Have a Completed Profile

One of the most important Pinterest growth hacks is to have a complete profile. As with any social network, it is important to spend time completing your profile. Focus on the following:

  • Make sure you are using Pinterest for Business. This either involves logging out of your personal account and then creating a new account for your business, or converting your existing Pinterest account to a business account.
  • Check that your privacy settings are correct and that you haven’t accidentally hidden your profile from search engines.
  • Use your business logo as your profile image and your business name as your profile name.
  • Include 4-5 keywords in your bio, which should concisely tell people about your business.
  • Add your business website URL, and follow the steps here to verify it.
  • Link your Pinterest account to your business’ other social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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Pinning consistently at optimal times

Another Pinterest hack is pinning consistently. Instead of publishing a whole bunch of pins all at once, you’re better off pinning once a day. You can use a pin scheduling tool to help you do so such as Jarvee.

When you schedule your pins make sure they are scheduled for publishing at optimal times – when your audience is most likely to see them.

Jarvee will even check your website constantly for new posts and auto-pin them to your Pinterest.

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Publish pins that are the right size

The 3rd Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is publishing pins that are the right size. Although you can publish pins that are square.

pins that are narrow and long around 560 times 840 pixels (like the one above) tend to perform much better than square pins.

A great tool to create these images is When you log into Canva simply click on Pinterest graphics. When you do, any images you create on Canva will be the right size.

You can then upload your own images by clicking on uploads or you can choose from their thousands of images available by clicking on search and typing in keywords for the type of image you’re after.

For example, if you type in the keyword sunset it will display images with sunsets. You can use the images which are either free or cost a dollar, others (the best ones) are available only to a pro account.

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Publishing quality unique eye-catching pins

The 4th Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is publishing quality unique eye-catching pins that are relevant to your niche.

Make sure they are not always the same types of posts. Instead, vary them to make your Pinterest profile more interesting and engaging.

For example, if you are a parenting coach, instead of limiting your pins to just parenting tips or just parenting quotes, your pins could be a combination of motivational quotes, healthy recipes for children, parenting-related infographics, funny memes related to children and parents, behind-the-scenes pictures to humanize your business or brand.

Alternatively, if you have a local business such as a restaurant, your Pinterest pins could be a combination of displays of dishes, recipes, cooking infographics reviews, special offers, special occasions such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, etc.

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Create fresh pins from scratch

Pinterest hacks for faster growth (1)

The 5th Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is creating fresh pins from scratch instead of just saving other people’s pins to your boards.

Just like Google, Pinterest loves fresh new content. So try and make sure most of our pins are pins you created yourself rather than pins from other people.

As tempting as it is to fill your board with other people’s pins if you want to increase your chances of getting discovered on Pinterest, publish your own unique pins.

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Understand the first 5 rule on Pinterest

The next Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is understanding the first 5-rule on Pinterest. This refers to the first 5 pins you publish from midnight UTC.

So from midnight UTC Pinterest will display first to your boards the first 5 pins you published. This rule applies if you’ve published multiple pins in a single day.

So if you’ve published 20, pins in a day the first 5 will be shown to your followers first and should not overwhelm them with all your pins and potentially make your followers unfollow you, then they’ll show pins from other people your followers follow and display your other pins after.

So essentially Pinterest is spreading out your pins to protect your account from being unfollowed.

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Use a different description with every pin

The 7th Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is to avoid using the same description when you save a pin to one of your boards.

If there’s a pin you’d like from someone else and would like to add it to one of your boards, click on save and then select which board you’d like to add from the drop-down menu, then go back to the pin you saved and click on it so you can add your own description with keywords you want to rank for.

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Take advantage of group boards

The 8th Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is taking advantage of group boards.

Group boards are like regular boards but the only difference is that other Pinterest users can contribute to it by adding pins to it.

All the pins from a group board can appear in the newsfeed of the people who follow that group board.

What this means is that if you add a pin to a group board that has 10,000 followers, it can potentially be seen by these 10,000 Pinterest users.

To find relevant group boards for your pins simply type in the Pinterest search box your keyword and then click on the drop-down menu on the right and select boards.

When you do, all the relevant group boards will be displayed.

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Become a recommended pinner by Pinterest

The 9th Pinterest growth hack to help you get discovered is becoming a recommended pinner by Pinterest.

Pinterest recommends pinners when they are good Pinterest users and engaging Pinterest pin creators who publish fresh quality content on a regular basis.

What will also help you be recommended by Pinterest is having a Pinterest business account as well as claiming your website on Pinterest.

When you do all three your chances of being recommended by Pinterest to other users will increase and therefore your pins will reach more people.

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Use Pinterest for Coupons, Special Offers & Contests

The other essential Pinterest growth hack is the use of coupons, special offers, and contests.

A popular way to get users to visit your Pinterest page more often, and to share your content, is through the use of coupons and special offers that only appear on Pinterest, and through the use of Pinterest exclusive contests. Pinterest does have rules regarding this, so read through these before launching any contests.

Add the Pin It Widget to Your Sites Images

The last Pinterest growth hack is adding the pin it widget to your site images.

Pinterest offers a variety of widgets and tools that you can add to your business website to encourage visitors to share your content on Pinterest.

The most recommended (and one you have probably encountered many times already) is the Pin It image hover: this reveals a Pin It button whenever a visitor hovers over an image on your website, allowing them to easily add the relevant content with that image already selected.

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How to create and optimize your Pinterest account

Let me quickly share with you how to create and optimize your Pinterest account. So, to create a Pinterest business account go to business on Pinterest and click on join as a business.

If you already have a Pinterest account that is not a business account then still go to business on Pinterest and you will be prompted to convert your current account into your business account. instead of joining as a business, it will say convert.

So click on convert and follow the prompts.

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