Why Are People Suddenly Losing Followers on TikTok?

Why Are People Suddenly Losing Followers on TikTok?

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There’s been a lot of talk about TikTok recently. The app, which is owned by the social media giant Bytedance, has more than 1 billion active users and is growing rapidly. But some users say they’re losing followers for no apparent reason.

There are many possible explanations for this occurrence and in this blog post, we’ll explore a few of them.

suddenly losing followers on TikTok

1. A Glitch

It’s possible that there was a glitch in the app that caused some users to lose followers. This is a possibility that can’t be ruled out. Some users say that they’ve lost followers on more than one occasion, but a few days later they regained the followers they lost.

One user claimed:

Mine does this all the time on random days. It started in April, and I can still go back 60 days and see all the random ones that where I supposedly lost.

Another claimed to have lost half a million followers in a single day!

2. The Bot Purge

Another possibility is that TikTok is deliberately sweeping out bots and fake accounts. This would explain why some users are losing a lot of followers all of a sudden.

TikTok sent out a warning a couple of weeks ago that they were going to sweep out bots, so this may be the reason behind the sudden drop in follower count.

If you bought fake followers from a website or app, there’s a chance that your account will be caught in the TikTok bot cleanse. So, if you have a lot of fake followers, it’s best to get rid of them before TikTok does it for you.

We’ve always recommended only using TikTok services that get you REAL and ACTIVE followers, such as those from Fueltok.

3. Something Else Entirely

Of course, there could be another explanation entirely. Maybe some users just got unlucky and happened to lose a few followers for no apparent reason.

Whatever the case may be, here are a few more possible explanations for why people are losing followers on TikTok:

You’re Not Posting Quality Content Anymore

If you’ve noticed that you’re losing followers but you’re not posting any new content, it could be a sign that your content is no longer engaging for your audience.

This could be because you’ve changed the type of content you’re posting, or it could be a case of your content becoming stale. If you think this might be the reason behind your lost followers, try mixing up your content and see if you can regain some of your followers.

Algorithmic Change

It’s also possible that TikTok has changed its algorithm, resulting in some users losing followers. This happens on other social media platforms as well, such as Instagram and Facebook. When the algorithms change, it can cause a decrease in engagement and reach, which can lead to a loss of followers.

If you think this might be the case, try posting content that you think will perform well under the new algorithm and see if your follower count starts to go back up.

You’ve Been Shadowbanned

Shadowbanning is a process where social media platforms limit the visibility of a user’s content without them knowing. This usually happens because the platform believes the user is violating its guidelines in some way.

If you’ve been shadowbanned on TikTok, it’s likely that your content is no longer being shown to a lot of people, which could explain why you’re losing followers.

To see if you’ve been shadowbanned, try checking to see if your views and engagement have decreased significantly. If they have, it’s a good indication that you’ve been shadowbanned.

There’s no surefire way to get un-shadowbanned, but some users have had success by changing their content or switching to a different device.

People are just Unfollowing

It’s also possible that people are simply unfollowing accounts that they’re no longer interested in. This is something that happens on all social media platforms, not just TikTok.

If you think this might be the reason you’re losing followers, try looking at your recent content and see if there’s anything that could be turning people off. If there is, try changing up your content and see if you can get people to start following you again.

They Were Banned From TikTok

If a user is banned from TikTok, their account is removed from your list of followers. This could explain why you’re suddenly losing some followers.

They Deleted Their Account

If a user deletes their TikTok account, their account is suddenly removed from the platform. So, if you don’t see someone that was following you suddenly disappear from TikTok, it’s possible that they’ve deleted their account.

In Closing

These are just a few of the possible explanations for why people are losing followers on TikTok. If you’re worried about losing followers, try to take a look at your content and see if there’s anything that could be turning people off. Also, be sure to check back often to see if any new updates might be causing a decrease in your follower count.