Common TikTok FAQs Answered by an EX-TikTok Insider

Common TikTok FAQs Answered by an EX-TikTok Insider

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions by creators on TikTok. The answers to each question were provided by an ex-TikTok insider.

What Causes TikTok Shadowbans or Violations?

There is no specific way to get a shadowban or violations on TikTok. Any videos or users that are reported by other users or deemed to violate community guidelines can be subject to disciplinary action, which may include a shadowban or violations.

Videos that show pranks can be deemed dangerous or illegal, videos with kids can be reported for minor safety, videos with a lot of skin showing or sometimes just wearing shorts can be reported for sexual content, and business videos can be reported for promoting scams, etc.

Videos that show dangerous or illegal stunts can be deemed dangerous or illegal, and videos with children in them may be reported for minor safety concerns, in some cases, even simply wearing short clothing or bikinis may be reported as "sexual" if the audience is offended by seeing excessive skin, and some business and marketing videos may be reported for fraudulent promotion., etc.

Consider if a grandparent would be upset by a video you showed them. It should take many reports before a restriction kicks in.

What Happens When I Have a Shadowban or Restriction on My TikTok Account?

Your videos will not be put on the FYP, so they will not be shown to non-followers. Videos will not be shown to your followers unless they specifically visit your page and click the video if it is a more serious restriction. Views and new followers will all be harmed.

If I Have Violations on My TikTok Account and I Get Them Cleared, Will That History Still Hurt Me?

Yes, unfortunately, the violation will live on your account even if it was cleared. Every subsequent infraction on TikTok lowers the likelihood that it will be cleared.

If you have violations on your account in the past or currently, it is important to be very careful whenever you are going live or about to post a video. Even if you think it is not offensive or dangerous, other people may and can report you.

When the TikTok Shadowban Is Lifted, Is It Immediate or Gradual?

You'll be able to see an immediate effect on your views once the restriction is removed. If they're still low or less than average- that means there are restrictions in place!

How Long Does a TikTok Shadowban Last?

It depends on how serious the reported violation was. Most people only spend 7 days or 30, whichever comes first (and then some).

If your restriction is for more than 30 days, you may be on a 6-month, 1-year, or even permanent limitation. There is no way to know how long your restriction will last in advance.

Some users have reported that they spammed the TikTok feedback form until they were able to contact a real person, who was then able to assist them in removing the shadowban. This is far more uncommon, though.

You will usually be advised that you are a valued creator who contributes significantly to the community and that your views should return to normal if you continue posting your videos.

I Have Tried Contacting TikTok but Either There Is No Response or They Uphold the Restriction.

The most popular strategy of success I've heard is people spamming the page until they receive an email from an actual person.

This appears to be a very inefficient method, but it has been shown to work for many people. Customer service support, on the other hand, definitely requires assistance; nevertheless, there isn't as much of an incentive when you have millions of DAUs.

Why Am I Getting a Bunch of Followers on TikTok from Certain Countries That Seem like Bots?

Someone may be purchasing followers for your TikTok account or you may have been picked for bot accounts to follow in order to make their click farms seem more genuine.

If the bots have videos, followers, and follow people, it will be more difficult for TikTok to detect them.

This is out of your hands, but TikTok may flag your account. You can remove or block these followers, although this might not be practical as you gain more genuine followers.

The Ontrend Tool Gives Me Sounds That Are Not Commercially Licensed on TikTok

This is due to the fact that you have a business account rather than a creator account, which implies you can only utilize royalty-free music (e.g., elevator music).

I'm not sure when the business music section will be available on OnTrend, but I know there have been a lot of requests for it.

What's the Difference Between a Business and a Personal TikTok Account?

A personal account allows you to access the music library completely and take part in whatever trends, dances, or challenges you choose. A business account gives you limited access to it.

Because all of your videos are seen as advertisements for your business, your music library will only be royalty-free.

Any business that shows an ad on television that includes a well-known song must pay the music label for permission to do so.

Because a business account is restricted to participating in only a few trends, it can't participate in all of them. Because they may need the usage of copyrighted material such as music or film clips at times, they are not permitted to join in all trends.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use on My TikTok Videos?

I advise against spamming your caption with irrelevant tags. I believe 3-5 is a reasonable number to use; it will aid users in finding your videos and avoid burying them under an excessively long caption.

Will Posting 3 Videos a Day on TikTok Help Me Grow?

It can! Many creators have reported that just 1 of their videos receives a large number of views. This is because TikTok doesn't want to inundate the FYP with all of your videos since this might irritate the user.

Depending on how the users react, TikTok may only distribute 1 or 2 of your videos. It's better to leave your audience wanting more rather than less.

Less is more.

Should I Delete or Make Private My TikTok Videos That Flop?

Turn them private.

If you delete the videos, you will lose all of your total views, likes, comments, and shares. You'll look more realistic if you leave your flops; not all of your videos are hits, and that is fine.

Is Livestreaming worth It on TikTok?

Going live has helped many creators gain followers on TikTok far more quickly and substantially.

It's also worth noting that, because TikTok takes reports of live infractions more seriously, there is a risk of getting banned. Try to limit the content for which people may report you (clothing, language, weapons, minors, etc).

If I Am Shadowbanned or Feel I Am Shadowbanned on TikTok, Should I Just Start Over?

Sure, there isn't much on the line if you don't have a large number of followers. However, if you have a decent following and have had the account for a long time, regaining to where you were may take some time (in terms of followers).

I would keep posting on your main account, hoping it will return to normal soon. Many creators claim to have secondary accounts and intend to redirect their followers there.

Should I Engage with People That Comment on My TikTok Videos?

It's a good idea if you have the time! Make your followers feel like you're a member of the same community as them, that you care about them. It might be as simple as giving their comment a heart.

You may reciprocate follows, comment on their videos, and really develop a persona that you're one of the people by doing so. Of course, this method will take a lot of time and work.

If I Have Another Social Media Channel (Ig or YouTube), How Should I Direct My Followers to These Channels?

If your username is the same on all of your social media platforms, this is great. If not, they should not be all that different (for example, you are "investingbob" on TikTok and "investingwithbob" on Instagram).

TikTok allows you to connect your IG or YT profile, but after doing so, many people claim that their numbers plummeted. This should not happen, but you know, TikTok occasionally does things to keep them at the top spot. I'd recommend adding your LinkedTree or other link-in-bio tools of choice; TikTok doesn't appear to target it presently.