Low Views on TikTok

Low Views on TikTok

In the past few days, many users of the TikTok app have been reporting low views on their videos. One user even said that their video had 0 views. This seems to be a glitch on the app’s part, as it is not clear what is causing this issue.

This problem was brought to light by a user in a Facebook group about TikTok growth, who has over 5 million followers on the app. He said that any video he posted last night only got 10 views, while one from a few days ago got 1,000 views. He also uploaded an old piece of content to test out if he was still shadowbanned or not, and that video did better with around 100 views.

low views on TikTok

This low view count appears to be happening to other users as well. Many people are taking to social media to express their frustration with the low view counts on their videos. Some are speculating that this may be because of a recent crackdown on spam and fake accounts by TikTok. Others are saying that it may be because of a shadowban that some users may have been unknowingly subjected to.

Whatever the reason may be, this low view count is definitely frustrating for those affected by it. Videos that used to get hundreds or even thousands of views now only get a fraction of that number. This makes it difficult for content creators to gain traction on the platform and build an audience.

It is unclear how long this issue will last or what can be done to fix it. In the meantime, those affected by low views will just have to keep uploading content and hope for the best.

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