There’s something wrong with TikTok

There’s something wrong with TikTok

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    Having issues with my views lately and wondered if anyone else is having the same issues? I had a really bad troll the other day who I think made multiple accounts to write rude comments so I feel like they may be reported me or something? But not 100% sure.. just wondered how long it’ll last if I am shadowbanned?

    TikTok glitch

    At least, that’s what a lot of creators are saying lately. Apparently, there’s some sort of glitch going on with the back end that’s messing with their view counts.

    I asked my person on TikTok and they said that there have been a lot of complaints from creators about low views and 0 views on videos. They said it might be because of a shadowban or because of the new algorithm, but they weren’t sure what was causing the issue.

    I decided to test it out by uploading an old video to see if it would get any views. And it seems like anything is better than 10 views at this point! My old video got around 400 views, which is 100 more than what I’ve been getting on my new videos lately.

    So obviously something strange is going on with the app. And unfortunately, we don’t know what it is or how to fix it.

    Creators are already starting to leave the app because of the low view counts. Some have even said that they’re quitting YouTube altogether and moving over to TikTok full-time. But even if that does happen, it won’t be good for TikTok in the long run. The app needs creators if it wants to stay popular, and low view counts aren’t going to help that cause.

    Hopefully, TikTok will fix the issue soon. In the meantime, we just have to wait and see what happens.