Solve "Snapchat Astrology Not Working"

Solve "Snapchat Astrology Not Working"

Snapchat Astrology Not Working: If you are a Snapchat user and you face the problem “Why Snapchat Astrology Is Not Working,” Then luckily you are on the right place.

After Reading these post, you will be able to solve Snapchat Astrology problems. In these articles, we provide you with more than 2 to 3 solutions. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read all the solutions, Read at least the quick solution.

Quick Solution: If your Snapchat Astrology is not working, here is the solution: Most of the people are facing the same issue, like “The zodiac symbol is supposed to turn purple so you can edit the profile, but it is still blank like the old version.” So to solve these problems, Go to your profile page, tap on the setting button, and enter your birthday. This will help you solve these problems, but if this solution does not work for you, then see the other solutions also in these articles.

What Is Snapchat Astrology?

Enhanced The Snapchat Experience By using Snapchat’s astrological profile, you can spark conversation between you and your friends. Basically, a Snapchat astrological profile is a series of snaps that cover the 10 different planets. If you don’t know what Snapchat planets are, then read this: Snapchat Planets: Meaning, Order, and Friend Solar System: How Does It Work?

To access your Snapchat Astrology account, go to your profile icon and click on the astrological sign next to your name.

In Which Countries Snapchat Astrology Available?

As per the Snapchat official website Astrological Profiles are available in all phones set to default English.

“Snapchat Astrology Not Working” Solutions:

If the above method is not worked for you then try the following the methods:

Logout and Login back :

Open The Snapchat application, log out of the app, and login again. After that, check whether Snapchat astrology works or not.

Restart your device:

Sometimes this problem happens due to your device, which is why you should restart it.

Deleting And Reinstall The App:

Another method is to delete and reinstall the app.

Snapchat Support :

If all the above methods have not worked for you, then please contact the Snapchat support team and submit your request.


Snapchat astrology Not Working problem is a common problem. Most people face the same issue but can’t find a way to fix it. That’s why in this article we provide you with five working methods to solve these problems.