Sendit Not Working On Snapchat (6 Way to fix)

Sendit Not Working On Snapchat (6 Way to fix)

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    Why isn’t Sendit Working on Snapchat? Hello readers, if you are facing the same issue on the Sendit app and want to fix it, then you are in the right place. Read Also 129+ Stylish and Funny Snapchat AI Name Ideas

    Nowadays, most people are facing issues such as “Sendit Crashing, Sendit Freezing, ,Sendit Not Working,” and many more, but don’t worry, guys, we are here to help you.

    In this article, we see six methods to solve the Sendit not working problem. Let’s see them one by one.

    What Is Sendit App:

    Why is sendit not working

    Sendit is an anonymous app. You can use this app with Snapchat. In the Sendit app, users ask a question of their followers, and the followers give an answer. Because this app is anonymous, you can’t identify who sent a Sendit without hints.

    If you want to know who sent a sendit, then you have to buy a sendit subscription. Read also: How To See Who Sent a Sendit Without Paying 2023. Sendit hints do not always give you 100% accurate hints.

    Why Is My Sendit Not working On Snapchat?

    Before Going to the solution of these problems, let’s see why this error came about:

    • Server issue from sendit app.
    • Sendit app is an under maintainance.
    • Internet connection issues.

    Here are the some common reason’s let’s see one by one :

    1)Sendit App version:

    Make sure you use the latest Sendit version on your device. To update the app, go to the App Store or Play Store, search for Sendit, and update it.

    2)Delete All Files:

    First, delete all the files and Reinstall the Sendit app from the store. Follow the steps:

    • To delete sendit files go to setting in your device.
    • click on manage apps .
    • in manage apps option type sendit and tap on it.
    • on it. Click On Storage and then click on clear data and click on all clear data.

    Now delete the app and reinstall it.

    3)Clear Cache:

    To fix this issue, Clear the cache: Clearing a cache is simple in Android, but in iPhone, it is quite complex, so let’s see How to clear Sendit Cache on iPhone.

    How to clear sendit Cache on Iphone:

    Go to settings>General>Iphone storage> Choose The sendit app> Offload App.

    4)Data Connection:

    Sometimes this error come due to the bad internet connection so Switch your data connection and try again.

    5)Old Version:

    Use The old version is used because the problem we are experiencing may be due to the last update to Sendit. Before getting the old version, first delete the up-to-date Sendit app. You can get the old version here. Sendit Old Version.

    6)Turn Off Battery saver:

    If The battery saver feature is turn on for sendit app then turn off these features.


    After reading this article, we hope you can use the Sendit app and fix all the problems by following the methods we mentioned. These methods are the latest solution to the problem, but if this method does not work for you, then feel free to comment.


    How do you fix Sendit on Snapchat?

    1)update the Sendit App version:
    2)clear cache.
    3)Turn Off Battery Saver

    Is Sendit on Snapchat always anonymous?

    Yes, Sendit is an anonymous app. You will not see who sent a message without hints.