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Best Practices for Successful Twitter Marketing

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    Successful marketing takes more than just a well-executed campaign. It is not simply about posting content and promoting it, but also about using different types of content in the right way.

    Many people use social media to promote their products and services to a wide audience in hopes that they will get potential customers clicking on links that lead back to their site or social media profiles.

    Twitter is a great platform for both personal branding and product promotion because tweets are short, concise messages that are easily shared with an online community of people.

    At 140 characters or less, these messages allow you to promote your business without feeling like you have to read an entire blog post or page when tweeting.

    To help you better understand how to use Twitter marketing as a tool for your company, we’ve compiled a list of best practices that will ensure your business gets the most mileage from this social media platform.

    The Best Practices for Successful Twitter Marketing

    twitter marketing

    Building a Strong Brand Image

    First and foremost, it is important that brands invest in building a strong brand image.

    This includes things like choosing an appropriate name for your company and using the same handle so that customers can find you easier on Twitter.

    It also entails ensuring social proof of some kind, such as testimonials or logos from industry-renowned brands.

    The information contained in your profile and the content of every tweet you send should be crafted to fit with the overall image that you want people to have of your brand.

    Make it Easy for People to Follow You

    You are not going to get many followers if people do not know how they can follow you, so make this easy to do by including a link on your Twitter profile page and providing clear instructions on how to follow you.

    You can also use Twitter Cards and Twitter lists to make it easy for people to follow you by using a single click instead of having to type out your name every time they want to find you on the list of people following the brand.

    If possible, include an image that is distinctive and one that clearly reflects what your brand represents as part of that profile page.

    Do not Increase the Number of Tweets You Send Too Quickly

    Even if you have a strong Twitter presence and are following thousands of people, it is important that you don’t send out too many tweets at once. Not only can this annoy followers, but some people may also see this as spammish behavior.

    If you have something that you want to promote, it is better to send out one tweet at a time instead of multiple ones and leave several minutes or hours in between each post so that the message has time to set in and not be forgotten right away.

    Use a Social Media Management Tool

    Twitter can be time-consuming if you have to log in every day and manually track your followers. You might consider using a social media management tool for Twitter, such as Jarvee, to schedule tweets and track trends.

    These tools will allow you to take the strain off and only log into Twitter to send out important messages and respond to tweets, while you can focus on other aspects of your business.

    Monitor Your Brand’s Mentions

    Every time someone mentions any of your brand’s Twitter handles in a tweet or directs it at one of your profiles, that company will get a notification.

    This is an important way to monitor your brand’s presence on Twitter and find out what people are saying about you, as it could be a potential customer or someone who wants to let you know they think one of your products or services underperformed.

    Do not ignore these mentions; take the time to respond to them.

    Responding politely to any tweets is never a bad thing and might elicit other positive responses from the user who posted the original message.

    Logging into Twitter on a regular basis and responding to people’s concerns will also raise your brand awareness, showing customers that you care about their opinions and are willing to listen and act upon them.

    Encourage Fans to Spread the Word

    If people like your products or services, they will most likely tell their friends and post about it on their social media sites. You can encourage this behavior by offering exclusive deals to followers who refer new ones and thanking them for spreading the word via a retweet of their message showing that their buddy got a good deal on something from your company.

    Be Personable but Professional

    Twitter is a great place for brands to show the human side of themselves and create an image that is friendly and approachable.

    You can do this by including real photographs of people in your business instead of corporate logos.

    This helps to create a feeling of empathy with your customers and they feel like they are connecting with actual people instead of faceless corporations.

    The use of humor is another good way for brands to connect with their customers.

    However, it is important that this sense of humor should be appropriate in both style and content as you do not want to offend the people who are reading your tweets.

    Do not forget that Twitter is essentially a public site, so what you say will be seen by everyone.

    Even if you do not mind sharing personal information with your customers, there might be certain details of your life that should be kept private and left out of content on Twitter.

    Also, remember that your customers are not all the same and that different demographics may react differently to certain things.

    Ensure you take this into account when creating your content for Twitter.

    Get Creative with Your Tweets

    The best type of content to post on Twitter is that which is both personal and relevant to your brand.

    This will enable you to build a strong identity for your business while showing your customers the human side of your business.

    You can do this by offering something valuable or entertaining in exchange for retweets and favorites, such as promotion codes for discounts or digital products.

    It is also a good idea to create contests and competitions that reward your customers with something if they take part in them.

    This tactic will help you get more followers by showing potential new customers the value of getting involved with your brand rather than simply looking at what you are selling.

    Be Willing to Listen

    The conversations on Twitter do not just belong to you; they are open to everyone who reads your tweets.

    This means that brands have the opportunity to listen and try to understand what their customers are saying about them.

    You can even make use of a tool like Hootsuite so you can track conversations about your brand and respond to people directly.

    This is the best way for brands to create a dialogue with customers so they can gather valuable information that will help them improve their products and services.

    Keep an Eye on Backlinks

    While backlinks are important from a search engine point of view, this is not the only thing you should be looking out for. You should also be careful with what you are linking to from your Twitter account.

    If you link to a site that is full of spam, then your personal brand on Twitter could suffer as a result.

    It is therefore important that brands only ever link to sites that they trust and feel comfortable with.

    It does not matter how good you are at marketing your brand on Twitter if no one is going to click on the links that you offer.

    Be Careful What You Tweet

    Always be aware of what you tweet and ensure everything you post is consistent with the image that you want to project about your brand. If any potentially embarrassing or controversial tweet is going to be published, make sure the person responsible for publishing it is aware of this.

    In Conclusion

    From the above, it is clear that Twitter can be a great tool for brands to use in their marketing strategy. The key points of this conclusion are:

    1. The best type of content to post on Twitter, that which is both personal and relevant to your brand;
    2. Be creative with what you tweet by offering something valuable or entertaining in exchange for retweets and favorites, such as promotion codes for discounts or digital products;
    3. Always be aware of what you tweet and ensure everything you post is consistent with the image that you want to project about your brand. These three tips should help get new customers interested in following your company’s social media account!