TikTok SEO Updates You Need to Know About

TikTok SEO Updates You Need to Know About

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If you’re a social media marketer, then you need to be on top of the latest changes and updates to all the platforms you use.

That’s why we’re giving you a rundown of the two latest TikTok SEO updates. Keep reading to find out what’s changed and how it will affect your marketing strategy.

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TikTok SEO

  1. The search bar is now added to the top of all videos when viewing them from a TikTok profile.
  2. Pre-defined keywords are added to the search bar area if they are currently ranking for Search for these terms.

These updates are definitely indicative of TikTok’s increasing focus on SEO.

The first update means that users will now be able to search for specific videos from a profile, making it easier to find the content they’re looking for.

The second update is also interesting, as it suggests that TikTok is now starting to prioritize pre-defined keywords in its search results.

This could mean that we’ll start seeing more keyword-targeted videos in our feed, so marketers will need to be on top of their SEO game if they want their videos to be seen by users.


Overall, these two TikTok SEO updates suggest that the platform is starting to place more importance on keywords and searchability. This means that social media marketers will need to be more strategic in their video titles and descriptions if they want their content to be seen by users.

Have you noticed these changes on TikTok? Let us know in the comments below!