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How to Find Out Who's Not Following You on Instagram in 2023

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    We all know it can be very frustrating when we’ve been following someone on Instagram for a long time and they don’t follow us back.

    It’s especially worse when you’re trying to grow your account but the people you want to reach out to aren’t following you!

    You might think that there is no way of finding who isn’t following you, but actually, there is.

    Here are great ways of finding out who isn’t following you on Instagram.

    Has someone unfollowed you and you’d like to know?

    Almost every one of us on Instagram has at one point followed a bunch of people in the hope that they’ll follow us back.

    This can sometimes be a little frustrating when you find yourself following thousands of people and need to start unfollowing some but can’t figure out who’s not following you so that you can unfollow them and leave only those who followed you back.

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    Sometimes you just want to know if a particular friend of yours has unfollowed you but they’re following so many people that checking if you’re present in their list could cause you to get a migraine.

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    How do you find out who’s not following you on Instagram?

    In this tutorial, I will walk you through how you can create a list of users who are not following you. We are going to use the 5-day free trial of Jarvee to do this.

    1st, get the free trial of Jarvee, download, and install it. Now add your Instagram account to Jarvee and then validate it.

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    Once your account says VALID, move on to the 4th tab at the top that says Scrape Tools. scrape Instagram followers jarvee

    Here you’re going to enter your username in the ‘Extract followings of usernames (separate them by comma)‘ field and click on EXTRACT FOLLOWINGS.

    Depending on how many users you’re following, Jarvee may need a few minutes to extract a full list of the people you’re following.

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    Once the process is complete we’re going to scroll further down on the Scrape Tools page and paste that list in the ‘CHECK FOLLOW STATUS‘ field. who is not following me Instagram

    Now click CHECK FOLLOW STATUS to create a list of users who are not following you and those who are.

    If you wish to unfollow all users who are not following you on Instagram, you can have Jarvee automatically unfollow for you.

    This is crucial because Instagram does not allow us to unfollow too many people all at once. We can spread it out over a couple of days by letting Jarvee do the unfollowing, all by itself.

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    How to unfollow people who are not following you on Instagram

    The process above will help you create a list of the people who are not following you.

    Once you have that list, go to the TOOLS menu to the far left, click on it, and select MORE TOOLS next to your Instagram account’s name.

    unfollow people not follow you

    Scroll further down and check these two options:

    • Use whitelist
    • Unfollow specific users

    unfollow these users

    The ‘Use whitelist‘ field is where you’ll paste a list of people you don’t want to unfollow (even if they don’t follow you).

    Now paste the whole list of people that don’t follow you in the field that says ‘Unfollow specific users‘.

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    How to automate unfollowing people who unfollowed you

    In order to avoid having to do this whole process in the future, you can simply set Jarvee to monitor your list of followers and when someone decides to unfollow you, Jarvee will automatically unfollow them.

    This is super easy to set up and can be done by checking these two places:

    1. Unfollow specific users
    2. Auto extract users who unfollowed you

    auto unfollow users who unfollowed you

    I hope this helps!

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