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How to Get Free Likes and Views on Instagram in 2023 Using Jarvee

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If you want to grow your social media following and generate leads, Jarvee is the best tool for doing that.

As an all-in-one automation tool (where you can buy Instagram likes, and other useful services just as well), it will help you get free likes on Instagram in 2021.

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Jarvee automates your marketing campaigns by running multiple accounts at once using a single account.

It also allows you to post content automatically and schedule posts ahead of time so that they don’t overlap with each other.

In this blog post, I am going to show how Jarvee can be used to achieve success in getting free likes and views on Instagram in 2021!

How to get free likes on Instagram 2021

Instagram’s algorithms work in such a way that getting likes can help boost your posts so that you can reach more people.

Getting free likes is tough, especially for new Instagram accounts that have only a few followers, and while using hashtags the right way can help you reach more people, likes on Instagram still play a critical role.

So, what to do to get free likes on Instagram when you’re just starting out?

Get free likes on Instagram from engagement groups

Engagement groups are commonplace where people exchange likes, views, and comments on their Instagram posts. You can easily find such groups by searching on Facebook and/or Telegram.

I just did a quick search and found these on Facebook:


The only downside to looking for free likes from the engagement group is that finding a group where people don’t leech off of others requires some effort.

Smaller groups tend to be efficient than groups made up of thousands of users.

Engagement groups also require a lot of work and effort and quickly leads to one feeling burnt out especially if you have to manually copy your links from Instagram and share them in these groups.

It can also be difficult to keep track of your posts if you’re in a lot of groups.

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Free Instagram like exchange apps

There are a few good apps that you can utilize for free likes. I’ll mention some:

  1. IstLike – This app is available for both IOS and Android. You earn coins when you like other user’s posts and then you can use those coins as credit for getting likes on your own posts. Also, when you refer your friends you earn more coins for yourself. The only disadvantage to this app is it’s slow at delivering likes to your Instagram posts.
  2. Magic Liker – is another great app to get free Instagram likes for, although it’s only available to Android users. You can also exchange follows with other users on this app.
  3. Super Liker – this app is currently only available to IOS users.
  4. TurboLike (available on Amazon for free) – this like-exchange app is both available to Android and IOS users. It also works with the coin system where you earn coins when you like and view other users’ on the platform posts. You can then use the coins earned to get other users to like your own posts.
  5. Like4Like – free likes on Instagram are automated on this app. You won’t have to use your account to like other users’ posts if you get the premium version.

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Jarvee’s free likes exchange system

Jarvee is currently the most advanced social media automation tool that’s suitable for individuals as well as agencies and professional social media managers.

This tool is ideal for both marketing and growing accounts on popular social media platforms. Jarvee currently supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Quora, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

There’s a great feature that I really like about this tool. It’s called LIKE EXCHANGE. You will only need to set it up once and likes will be automatically exchanged without you needing to do anything else.

free likes on Instagram jarvee

Jarvee will regularly check your Instagram for new posts. It will then fetch the post URL and send it to the next like exchange session. You also get additional features. I like these two in particular:

The view-stories-after-like feature is great for boosting your story views, while the save-after-like feature will trick Instagram into thinking people are really loving your posts so much so that they’re opting to save them.

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Buying automated Instagram likes

free likes on Instagram famoid

Setting up these apps and tools requires time and some effort but if want to save time and simply have your posts liked automatically whenever you post, you can opt to buy automatic likes from a trusted website.

Famoid for a long time has been the one website when I do not only get followers for my clients but also likes and views.

The automated likes are valid for 30 days once you pay and will be delivered at a gradual pace so that they don’t appear suspicious.

I like that they emphasize privacy so that no one will know or suspect that you purchased likes of followers.

A great choice particularly for upcoming celebrities and media personalities.

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Until next time!