Learn CSS flex spacebetween in 1 minute

Learn CSS flex spacebetween in 1 minute

Adding equal spacing between columns was a huge pain with native CSS.

With CSS flex spacebetween, you can quickly add equal spacing between flex items or children.

Below are the values which you can use for justify-content:

  • space-around
  • space-between
  • flex-start
  • flex-end
  • center
  • space-evenly
  • initial
  • inherit

You will mostly use space-between, space-evenly, space-around, and flex-end.

Syntax of flex spacebetween:

justify-content: space-between;

For example:

We have a flex container and inside the container, there are 3 pricing tables.

 flex spacebetween

Now, in order to add the space among 3 tables.

You will need to put justify-content:space-between; on your parent container.

Tip ????: Same property will work in the CSS grid as well.

Note: Make sure to put display: flex; on container too.

justify content spacebetween

If you are new to CSS flexbox, you should check a complete guide by CSS tricks their guide is pretty helpful.

Go ahead and read: A Complete Guide to Flexbox

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