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Twitter Automation 2023: Reach More People While Saving Time & Money

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What Is Twitter Automation?

Automation on Twitter means using software to perform some, or all activities you’d normally perform manually. When you automate your Twitter activities, you’re able to free up time and human resources to be used in other areas of your business.

You can use automation on Twitter to do the following:

  • schedule tweets
  • auto DM new followers
  • auto-reply to new DMs
  • set up auto-replies to other users’ tweets based on keywords
  • auto follow
  • auto unfollow
  • auto retweet
  • like automation

The beauty of automation is that it allows you to automate not just one, but multiple Twitter accounts. The most common automated activity, however, is tweeting.

How Do You Automate on Twitter?

Effective Twitter automation requires reliable software or app. One that can perform multiple activities on your Twitter account without you needing to make changes frequently.

There are plenty of automation tools for Twitter available today, but there are very few that could be considered safe and reliable long-term.

In this article, we’re going to focus on an all-in-one automation tool called Jarvee, that is able to mimic normal human interactions on Twitter.

Apart from your Twitter, Jarvee can automate your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Quora, Reddit, and the team behind this tool is even planning on integrating TikTok into the tool.

If you’re planning to automate tens of Twitter accounts, you’ll want to use proxies to avoid getting flagged by Twitter’s anti-spam system.

Before we delve deeper into some of the features in Jarvee and what you can do with them, let’s look at Twitter’s policy on automation.

Twitter Automation Policy

Twitter’s policy on automation is no different from the other platforms. These platforms rely on ad revenue and by using automation to reach more people you’re denying them the revenue. As such they discourage users from using automation.

I mean, why would you pay for ads when you could just use automation to reach hundreds of thousands of users much cheaper?

I believe that Twitter automation should be looked at as a long-term marketing strategy. You shouldn’t be too aggressive with your activities, rather, your automation should always mimic what a regular user would normally do.

Keep your activities to a minimum and ensure your accounts are performing other random activities such as liking a few tweets on your timeline to make it appear natural. Jarvee can do all that and also comes with a feature where it will even visit other websites on its embedded browser so that it can collect cookies that’ll make Twitter believe a human did it.

You can scale up your activities by automating multiple Twitter accounts, instead of running just one. This is easier done on Jarvee because it allows you to copy your settings from one account to as many as you wish so that you won’t have to start from scratch on every account that you wish to automate.

Best Jarvee Twitter Settings

Automating your Twitter activities on Jarvee

If you’ve been following my Twitter journey to $100+/day then you must be aware that having the right Jarvee settings for Twitter is a crucial factor in growing your Twitter accounts.

There’s really nothing like “best Jarvee settings for Twitter“. Everyone can have different settings and still be able to gain followers, promote their products, and run a business seamlessly on Twitter. The key here is though, there are certain limits that you should not exceed.

Twitter has made it public that you can follow only up to 400 users per day but after running my own tests time and again, I’ve found that the niche of your account matters too when it comes to these limits.

For instance, I’ve found that while adult accounts are easier to grow, they do encounter a lot of restrictions when it comes to how many they can follow, unfollow, and DM. Others may have fewer restrictions but they’re usually slower at gaining followers.

The settings I’m sharing with you in this article have been achieved through a period of rigorous testing and in the process, I have lost tens of Twitter accounts to arrive at these optimum settings. I have also tested a few other tools and have found Jarvee to be the best social media automation tool.

jarvee twitter settings

So, what’re my current Jarvee settings for Twitter?

NB: My copy of Jarvee might have a different user interface from yours but that’s just because I’m using an old user interface. Everything else should work the same. When your Jarvee settings are set right, you’ll be able to grow your following and generate massive traffic to your business.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to automate more than 5 Twitter accounts you should always use proxies on Jarvee to avoid getting in trouble with Twitter.

Auto Follow Settings

When using the follow/unfollow method of growing your Twitter account, you must always remember that there are limits of following and also unfollow limits to stay within so that your Twitter account will not get flagged, blocked from performing activities, or even suspended.

jarvee twitter follow settings


  • Follow 2-4 users per operation
  • Wait 35-60 minutes before each new operation



  • Do not follow private users


jarvee twitter after follow settings

On the follow sources tab I have checked only these two:

  1. Follow followers of target accounts
  2. Follow active users – that have retweeted/liked posts

Auto Unfollow Settings

My Jarvee Twitter unfollow settings are displayed in the image below:

jarvee twitter unfollow settings

Jarvee Twitter auto-DM/Messeges settings

I’ve written a comprehensive article on automating your DM/messages on Twitter using Jarvee. You can read about it here: Sending automated messages on Twitter using Jarvee. The article includes some of these topics:

  • Twitter DM limits and safe settings
  • Auto-replying to messages
  • Using spintax to make your messages unique
  • Automatically sending messages to new followers, among others

So, there you have it. Use the comments section below if you have any questions

Until next time!